How to Save Money on Auto Insurance When You Work From Home

Transitioning into a work from home arrangement has many fantastic benefits for the ambitious and organized worker. You now have the ability to set your own working schedule, get your job done from the privacy of home, and work on your own terms. Best of all, for many former office commuters, work is now just down the hall. This means no more rush hour traffic jams, no pouring money away for gas in the morning, and less need for maintenance on the car as a result of decreased mileage. However, as long as you’re driving less every day, why should you continue paying the same insurance premiums?

One of the deciding factors in determining your insurance rates is the amount of mileage that you put on your car regularly. This figure is most often measured by the question of how far you commute to work every day, so if your commute suddenly drops from 15 miles to 0, you shouldn’t be paying the same insurance rates. Talk to a representative from your insurance company as soon as possible after making a change like this. Some companies will not make a change in your rates without year-end documentation of your mileage, so be sure to keep records of major maintenance if this is the case.

You may also want to consider adjusting your policy for less coverage, if you’re willing to carry the additional risk. Think about what your current insurance plan covers, as well as what it leaves out. Now that your time on the road has drastically decreased, the need for things such as collision coverage is statistically less significant. Additionally, you’ll be spending less on maintenance and repairs as a result of ditching your commute, so you may not feel the need for extensive coverage in that area. Adjusting your insurance plan for less coverage may seem like a strange action to take, but it can help you save money by trimming away unneeded expenses.

You may even want to consider moving to a different insurance provider after you make the switch to working from a home office. Most insurance customers tend to stick with the same company for years, mostly out of ignorance and laziness. If you’re not actively unsatisfied with your insurer’s service, you won’t be motivated to look for alternatives. And if you’re not actively checking the market, you’ll never know where the better deals are. Take a look at websites like to start browsing lots of insurance providers and find the best coverage for you.

You would never pay for something you don’t use in any other part of your life, so stop overpaying for insurance when you work from home. A less expensive lifestyle is one of the greatest benefits of working from home, and you won’t be able to fully enjoy this until you account for all of your expenses. Start thinking about your car insurance today, and you could be saving big in no time.

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