Integrating Communication Options for Your Home Business


Communication is one of the main building blocks of your home Internet business.

After all, good marketing boils down to just that: Communicating to your customers who you are, what you offer and why that should matter to them.

As a home business owner, it’s important to embrace the three main business communication channels – social media, SMS and email – to build the best communications strategy for your business.

What are the strengths of each of these communication methods and why is an integrated approach important?

Social Media for Starting Conversations

Social media is a key part of any marketing strategy these days.

Your customers are on social media, connecting with and researching businesses just like yours. Joining that conversation can raise awareness of your business and help you to build strong customer relations.

Social media gives you a real-time opportunity to find out what your customers are talking about and what matters to them, as well as getting insights into their thoughts on your business and brand.

All of this information can be used to better hone what you do, in order to meet your customers’ needs.

Text for Getting Your Message Direct to Your Customers

Your customers are bombarded with a lot of messages on a daily basis.

From print ads to the internet, from billboards to TV, trying to help your message stand out from the crowd is a challenge for any small business owner. Text message marketing can help you do just that.

When you use text marketing, you are putting your message direct into your customers’ hands.

Text messaging is also great for conducting short surveys to learn more about your customers and what they want from you.

Be sure to get your customers’ permission before you send them text messages, and provide easy and clear opt out instructions to comply with text communication laws.

Email for Building Quality Customer Base

In this world of social media and instant communication, it can be easy to overlook email marketing. In fact, email marketing is one of the most important tools in your business toolbox.

When a customer joins your mailing list, they are letting you know they have a definite interest in your business. This gives you the opportunity to build a mailing list of loyal and interested customers.

Email marketing gives you a chance to get your customers’ undivided attention.

A compelling headline followed by content that is directly relevant to them will help make sure that your message is given the attention you want it to get.

Taking an Integrated Approach to Business Communications

As the article “Integrating Social Media, Text and Email” points out, building a kind of synergy between these three marketing channels is key to effective business communications.

Of course, you will have some customers who favor one communication method over another, which is why using more than one medium to get your message across is important.

Each method has its own strengths, and engaging customers across more than one medium allows you to play to all of those strengths.

Try creating links between your lines of communications, such as adding a “tweet this” link to your email, using an SMS survey to get feedback on your social media efforts, or advertising your SMS alerts via social media.

Text, email and social media are three powerhouses when it comes to business communications.

By integrating them you can let your customers know how they can connect with you and what the benefit to them is, encouraging them to be open to your message through more than one medium.

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About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, SEO, business communications and marketing.

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