Is Anthony Morrison Full of Shit?

Anthony Morrison is a guy that is polarizing popular opinion. On one hand, you have his proponents who claim that he is a marketing genius. On the other, you have his detractors who say that his products are little more than an elaborate scam. Anthony Morrison is a professional speaker, author and internet marketer. He has a host of different products for sale on his website, each of which claim to help you make a considerable sum of money from the comfort of your own home. Below is a list of some of the products on offer from his website though for the purposes of this review, we will focus on his book: Advertising Profits from Home.

Products & Pricing

  • Inner Circle: This is the most expensive offering on the site at $497. Essentially, if you buy this product, you will have access to four inclusive teleconferences.
  • Mastery Level Marketing System: For $197, you receive a step-by-step guide which will help you become an internet marketing expert.
  • Invest Domains Home Study Course: This costs $79.95 and gives you advice on buying, selling, parking and flipping domains.
  • Social Ads Pro – Advertising Software:  For $19.95, this automated software enables you to build up your advertising campaign on social networks.
  • Advertising Profits from Home: This is his most popular book and will set you back $29.90. It helps you to make money by sending customers to other companies. He claims that it is an affiliate marketing guide which guarantees results.


Advertising Profits from Home
There is a rather clever infomercial for this book which involves Morrison appearing to speak sense and promise relatively moderate income from his system. He does not claim to have the ability to make you a millionaire overnight which is a refreshing change from the usual ‘make $10,000 a day’ nonsense that people are accustomed to. However, the infomercial gives little away in terms of telling you how his system actually works. The book also contains a few CD’s which purport to teach you all about affiliate marketing including the practice of generating traffic.

Frankly, Advertising Profits from Home does not contain any amazing new information. In fact, the entire book and accompanying CD’s have nothing more than very basic affiliate marketing concepts that can be read for free online. There are sections on having the right mindset, an introduction to affiliate marketing, an introduction to social networks and a host of other ‘introductions’. For $29.90, you would expect more than information that can be found in 10 minutes online.

The real problems arise within days of buying the book when you are bombarded with phone calls from his company who attempt to sell you a host of other products. His representatives started asking for thousands of dollars for more ‘advanced’ programs. These people continue phoning you and it is extremely irritating.

Not only is the book almost worthless, the sneaky sales tactics used by Morrison thereafter really leave a bad taste in your mouth. Do not allow yourself to buy any of his products because you will leave yourself open to days of constant phone calls and emails. Save your money and look for something that may actually be useful.

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