Is Selling Annuities from Home a Financial Challenge?


Selling annuities can be a lucrative business.

Yes, there is a “can be” in that sentence, because they can also be challenging and difficult to sell. The right person, though, can make a steady, admirable income.

First off, what is an annuity?

According to Forbes, “An annuity is an investment product through an insurance company.”
The two main kinds of annuities are immediate and deferred, with deferred annuities being either fixed or variable.

As the following article looks at, what are the pros and cons of annuities?

To begin with the pros, all annuities are tax deferred. Also, with an immediate annuity, you do get that steady stream of income.

However, the cons weigh heavy, too. Though there is a tax deferral, you are taxed on gains at ordinary income rates. You also pay penalties if you take out the gains early. Another con is the lack of clarity in the world of annuities.

With the confusion, the different kinds of annuities, and the ins and outs, many people steer clear of them.

What about Selling Annuities from Home?

As more Americans consider the idea of running a home Internet business and moving on from the corporate world, could selling annuities out of your home be the answer?

If you are selling annuities, you have the potential to make a lot of money.

Annuities afford the highest commission percentage of all of investment types. The commission is usually around 5-6%. The problem is, annuities have a bad reputation in some circles and can sometimes be hard to sell.

For some clients, however, annuities are just the right thing, and if you are working with the right people, you will do well. It’s important to know the inside and out of annuities, the types, the payouts, the pros and cons and all other details.

Is Selling from Home a Financial Challenge?

This question could be hard to answer because, if you can sell the annuities, you can make some money, but they can be difficult to sell.

The right person can make quite an income off of selling annuities, but yes, challenges may exist.

However, if you are self-motivated, have strong sales and marketing skills and up to date on the details of annuities, you could do quite well selling annuities. An insurance background is necessary, too.

With selling at home, being motivated, organized and time efficient is important, too.
You can reach out to customers in a variety of ways, including traditional ads, email blasts, social media and advertising.

Annuities are kind of the mystery of the investment world.

If you know the secrets, this may be a good home-based career for you.

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