Is Your Home Business Dialed-in to Success?


With more people working from home either part-time or full-time and others operating a business from their homes, the need for quality and convenient phone service rises.

A business phone system has many benefits for anyone choosing to work from home.

Connected to Co-workers and Clients

Companies that allow employees to work from home need to stay in contact with them to maintain productivity and increase efficiency. You don’t want to wait until the next time they are in the office to communicate about certain subjects.

A business phone system connects the work-at-home employee with staff in the office. They feel like a part of the team and they can contribute more.

Whether it is connecting to another staff member with just a push of a button or transferring a call to the appropriate department, a phone system that works outside the office is essential.

The home entrepreneur also needs a quality phone system.

He or she must deal with clients, often on the phone instead of face to face. Even those running an internet business may need to speak with vendors or customers and email is not always the best option.

Professional Touch

If you want a home-based business to be taken seriously, you must treat it like a business.

Instead of having the client calling your home phone, a separate number strictly for business allows you to sound more professional. Put it on your business cards, website and social networks while maintaining the privacy of your home.

If you are away from home, you can either have the calls forwarded to you or leave a message that includes your business name.

When people are dealing with an internet business, they want to know that it is legitimate and really exists. One way to do that is to have a business phone number.

Many systems even allow you to use your cell phone without giving out the number so you are always connected to customers. This ensures that you don’t miss a sale.

If you do receive a voice mail message, it can often be converted into an email message. This feature is important if you can check your email but not call voice mail.

As the article, “How Business Phone Systems Can Help Make Telecommuting Work”, says, technology is essential to those working outside a traditional office.

It keeps them in touch with other workers, with vendors and with clients. For those who have their own business, they can hold meetings with other virtual workers and clients and provide a professional image.

Telecommuters benefit by being connected to co-workers while enjoying the convenience of working from home.

The businesses they work for enjoy happier employees who are more productive while still keeping them in the loop and making them feel like part of the team.

When you work from home, either as an employee or business owner, it means having a relaxed workspace but not being isolated.

The right business phone system keeps them in touch with the world outside.

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