Is Your Home Business Giving You a Quality of Life?

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‘Oh, lucky you! Working from home must offer you so much freedom.’

As a business owner working from home, you’ve likely heard that comment a time or two. While working from home can be nice, it can also be stressful, overwhelming and all-consuming.

Here are some ways to maintain your quality of life while running a successful home Internet business:

Set Monthly Sales Forecasts

You can’t possibly achieve your business goals if you haven’t yet defined those goals.

Increase your business success and give yourself a little peace of mind by setting monthly or weekly sales forecasts.

These forecasts will help you to realistically understand how much money you can earn over a defined time period. The forecasts can also help you to relax at the end of each week or month after you’ve met the sales goal.

Create a Schedule

Business owners often feel overwhelmed by how much they must do each day.

Avoid the stress by creating a daily or weekly schedule. A checklist of weekly required tasks helps you stay on track and allows you to prioritize duties.

According to the article 5 ways to make every day of the month a quality day, you won’t always feel like sticking to a schedule or marking every task off your checklist.

On those days, do what you can and then walk away from work to recharge.

Your schedule will be waiting for you when your mind is ready to revisit the business game.

Define Business Processes

An organized home business is a successful home business. If you’re feeling consumed by business tasks, take some time to evaluate your current business processes.

Create clear cut methods for filing documents, tracking finances, responding to emails and more.

By streamlining business tasks, you can complete them in less time and with less stress.

Consider Hiring an Employee

Every successful home business owner experiences the growing pains of an expanding venture.

If you’re working night and day to keep up with sales inquiries and other business tasks, congratulations, this is a sign that the business is growing. It can also be a sign that you should consider hiring your first employee.

The most logical first option may be to hire a virtual assistant who can help with time consuming tasks like responding to emails, filing virtual documents and more.

Develop a PTO Policy

Rather than feeling free, many business owners who work from home feel chained to their desks. Email, work projects and other business tasks are always at hand and, thus, difficult to ignore.

Prevent your business from taking over your life by developing a PTO policy.

You’d be awarded PTO while working for an employer, so why shouldn’t you also receive time off when you are the employer?

By creating an official PTO policy and by knowing how many days you have available to step away from work, you won’t feel as guilty when you decide to turn on your out of office assistant and take some time off to enjoy life.

You don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life while building a successful business from home.

Rather, by setting monthly forecasts, developing a PTO policy and by setting other standards, you can make money as a business owner without losing your mind.

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About the Author: Shayla Ebsen is a freelance writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional writing experience both in the corporate and freelance settings.

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