Is Your Home Business Ready for Client Visits?

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You finally have set up your home Internet business.

You’re getting work done without distractions, you’re organized and you’ve set up a space solely for work. Now what?

You’ve got a client who wants to meet with you or maybe you even perform a service, like hair or nails in your home. Are you ready?

Here are some great tips for meeting with clients in your home, whether it’s a regular business or just a now and then thing which may be the case if you have more of an online business.

Always keep in mind the need for:

You need insurance if you are meeting with clients in your home, especially if it’s a regular thing.

As the following article looks at, one of the 4 things to love about being a nail care artist is that you can have a business in your home with proper licensing and insurance.

But if something happens to your client, whether it’s a nail business or something else, you can be paying it for many years to come.

Contact your insurance agent and have insurance set and ready before seeing any clients.

No one plans on an accident, but if a client slips on your stairs, gets bitten by your dog or anything else happens, he can sue. If you don’t have coverage, well you might have to bid your business good bye.

Set Area

You don’t want to meet with your clients in your family room or an area strewn with your kids’ projects or laundry.

Ideally, you should have a separate entrance leading to an area in your home used only for business.

If this is where you do hair or nails or meet with clients regarding your Internet business or whatever else you do, it should be just for that.

If that’s not possible, you should be conscientious to prep the area beforehand, taking out any personal items, putting the dog away and making access to a clean bathroom available.


Not only do you want this to be a comfortable meeting, but you also want it to be safe, for your sake as well as your clients.

If you have anything in disrepair, fix it, especially if it’s a safety hazard, like a loose stair handrail or bad sidewalk stones. If you have pets, confine them to prevent jumping, scratching, growling or any other incidents.

In the case of bad weather, you need to take precautions – salt down an icy walk way and have a mat to wipe wet shoes on. Accidents can not only lead to the loss of a good client, but, worse, to a lawsuit.

Lastly, make sure you get a feel for each and every client who will visit you at home.

While you never want to think of a client being a potential safety risk to you or your family; better to be safe than sorry.

Working from home is a great set up. However, you have to be ready for your clients. Not only should your home be ready, you should, too.

If you normally work in shorts and a t-shirt, put on some professional clothes instead.

Just because a meeting or an appointment is in your home, it shouldn’t be any less formal than if it was in an office or salon.

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