Is Your Home Internet Business Eye-Catching?

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According to some recent marketing surveys, consumers are 60% more likely to visit a business website when an image appears along with the search results.

Meantime, 67% of surveyed consumers stated that product images are the most valuable information they use when deciding whether to buy something online.

Finally, online articles that contain images are viewed 94% more than straight text articles.

Having imagery in your home Internet business marketing not only makes good sense, it’s obvious that without it, you’d be missing out on some big traffic numbers.

What Kind of Imagery Should You Use?

When it comes to images for your home Internet business, you have a lot of choices, and it matters greatly which ones you choose.

Your choice should be influenced by the kind of business that you run, what you are trying to sell, and who your target customer is.

What Sorts of Images Are There?

There are different kinds of images that all qualify as imagery that will capture your site visitors’ attention.

They are:

Infographics – Infographics are essentially information boxes that communicate a lot of information in a little space. They are usually very effective at taking a complex idea and breaking it down into simple steps that your customers can easily grasp. One perfect example of an infographics is this one, which explains the phrase, one trillion photos in 2015.

Illustrations – Illustrations are drawings of people or things that communicate an idea. Illustrations can be simple or complex, in the form of realistic drawings, or in the form of cartoonish characters.

Photographs – Photographs are the most commonly used imagery online. Stock photos are available for purchase for those who don’t want to take their own photos, or who are too busy to take their own pictures. There is also an extensive collection of free stock photos available to business owners and individuals on a tight budget.

Where Should You Use Images?

Essentially, you should incorporate imagery in various places throughout your marketing campaign materials.

This includes your website, any guest post articles that you do, marketing fliers, on your car if you provide business to home services, etc.

When the public sees your company name or brand, they should also see an image.

Should You Use Personal Photos?

In short, yes.

People are more likely to trust your business if they can put a face to the company.

You can use your personal photo in your bio if you do any guest posts, on your company website contact page, and more.

What Kind of Personal Photo Works Best?

The more professional image you can portray, the better.

Don’t use old, grainy photos that you scanned in from your high school football days. People will be able to tell what you did, and it won’t make you look good.

For your business personal photo, wear business attire, and make sure you’re the only one in the photo.

Though your kids are the most beautiful in the world, they don’t belong in your business photo unless you’re promoting a family business specifically.

Make your home Internet business more eye-catching by implementing these image-rich strategies.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about business and marketing practices.

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