Is Your Home Internet Up to Speed?


As a freelancer who works from home, I’ll be the first to admit that having an up-to-date computer and a reliable, high-speed internet connection are must-haves. Without either of these, you can’t successfully run your at-home business.

For example, I spend two hours each Wednesday working on my editing assignments. With two little ones at home, I run a tight schedule and have very little wiggle room.

If my internet isn’t up to par or fails to consistently stay connected, I fall behind. Luckily, this only has happened once since I learned my lesson the hard way.

Why You Need the Fastest Internet Around

While your business may survive if your internet connection isn’t up to speed, you’ll end up wasting a good amount of time waiting for it to load.

My two-hour editing assignments, for example, wound up taking nearly double the amount of time to complete. That was valuable time I lost that could have been spent working on another project, playing with my kids or relaxing.

Time is of the Essence

When running your own at-home business, time is money. Most freelancers and business owners are paid on a per-project basis. If that project takes you significantly more time to complete due to your internet speed, your overall hourly wage just decreased drastically.

As the notion “High speed internet for business” demonstrates, the best connection possible is essential when planning your days.

Do you know your internet is going to work? Are you confident you won’t run into any issues? If so, you can plan your day accordingly and accomplish more work in a smaller amount of time.

On the other hand, if your internet connection regularly loses its’ signal or takes even a few extra seconds to load websites, you’ll need to factor that into your day. You’re working just as long as you would be if your internet worked, only accomplishing significantly less.

Handling Conference Calls

Another reason reliable, high speed internet is a must for your home business is so you can successfully complete conference calls.

Whether you’re speaking to other business owners, hosting an online seminar or speaking to customers, you’ll want the picture quality to be clear, the sound to be accurate and the internet to run smoothly. If any of these details are faulty, you’ll appear unprofessional.

Does your job require you to send large files via email?
If it takes a few minutes to attach documents and an additional few minutes to send them, you’re adding to your day.

Those who run a successful business from home understand the importance of reliable, high-speed internet access.

This will either make or break your business, plus it allows you to set and stick to working hours without having to worry about your internet failing you.

Stop wasting time and getting frustrated with your internet and switch to a high-speed choice today.

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About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Glendale, AZ. She writes on small businesses, working at home and high-speed internets.

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