Is Your Home Office Maintenance Free?


Many people in this day and age work from home.

In five years, it’s expected that 20 percent of the workforce will be done from a residence. Working from home can mean running your own home-based internet business, it can mean working for a company on a telecommuting basis or it can mean doing a variety of different jobs, but all from home.

If you run your own home Internet business, work for an employer from home or desire to in the future, it’s vital that you have your own home office.

Separate Yourself

Having a home office allows you to have your own workspace separate from the rest of the house. Since it can be difficult to separate work life from home life when working from home, a designated space makes it easier to relax and unwind during non-working hours.

Plus, a home office can be used as a write-off on your taxes each year.

As the following article looks at, “How much can you save” depends on the size of your office in relation to the rest of your home? If you’re putting together a home office for the first time, now might be the time to look at other money-saving maintenance projects you can do to your home, both inside and out.

Setting It Up

When setting up and designing your space, think practical.

Do you want to use a room that’s separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your house, or would you prefer to have a room near where everyone gathers? Do you only plan on working in the office, or will you work on the couch sometimes, too? And finally, what is your budget?

Luckily, even if your budget is small, setting up a home office doesn’t have to break the bank.
Ways you can save money include:

1. Buy used furniture – Consider purchasing a desk, a chair and a chase lounge off of Craigslist or at a local consignment store. If the color of the desk isn’t quite what you had in mind, repaint or refinish it so it matches the rest of your décor. You can sometimes find incredibly cheap (or free) used furniture on sites like Craigslist, so don’t be afraid to buy something old and paint it to make it look new.

2. Buy office supplies in bulk – Buying products in bulk is normally the more cost-effective route to go, and this is no different for office supplies. Purchase ink for your printer, paper, pens, notepads and more in bulk and at a discounted price. Not only will this save you money in the long run, it will also allow you to avoid useless errands throughout the month picking up supplies.

3. Install a ceiling fan or space heater – Depending on your climate, you’ll want to install a ceiling fan or space heater (or both). A disadvantage of working from home is usually a higher electric bill. Those that work in an office can turn set their heat lower or their air conditioning higher during the day when they’re not home. Those that work from home don’t have that option unless they want to be uncomfortable all day. A ceiling fan or space heater can help alleviate the need to crank the AC all summer long or blast the heat during the winter.

And finally, make sure to consider maintenance costs that will go into your home office.

This can include things like changing the paint color or décor, keeping the office clean and keeping the office organized.

Make sure to include these costs in your budget and you will be good to go when it comes to working from home.

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About the Author: Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Charlotte, NC. She writes on a variety of topics including small businesses, home offices and personal finance.

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