Is Your Website Clicking on All Cylinders?


Building a great website is only half the battle.

In today’s progressive web environment, you need to continuously update and upgrade your business website in order to stay ahead of the competition.

With overhauled homepages in mind, here are just a few pointers for updating your home Internet business website:

Freshen up Your Call to Action

Your homepage and navigation bar will likely be the most seen and used elements of your website. However, the call to action is what will leave a lasting impression with visitors.

By updating your call to action, you’ll turn visitors into customers, which is the main goal with any home Internet business.

A standard contact page doesn’t really cut it anymore. In fact, most businesses have calls to action on almost every page of their websites.

An attractive, linkable call to action icon that says something as straightforward as “Call Now” can help update your site and increase conversion rates at the same time.

Include Employee Headshots

Putting a face to your business’s name creates customer trust, which is especially helpful when your business solely exists online.

Whether you’re the only employee at your home business or you have a few people working with you, adding headshots and bios to your site is a simple yet effective upgrade.

The article “5 Ways a Website Can Boost Your Home Inspection Business” mentions how important a first impression is in terms of website visitors.

By including employee photos and brief bios, your visitors will feel like their interacting with actual people as opposed to just a website.

Add a Business Blog

If you want to make a website upgrade that will also improve your search result rankings and SEO practices, then it’s time to start blogging.

That’s right, adding a business blog is a great way to share information and add valuable content to your website.

With that said, it’s also important to keep up with your blogging activities. Nearly 50 percent of businesses that start a blog rarely add new posts.

Make blogging part of your daily or weekly activities and chances are you’ll experience a boost in SEO. Just don’t forget to respond to questions and comments on your blog topics!

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Smart phones and tablets are quickly taking the place of laptops and desktops.

This means your home Internet business website is more likely to be searched via a mobile device than any other device.

Making your website mobile-friendly is all part of the upgrading and updating process.

Whether it’s Android or IOS, making sure your site is fully functional on all smart phones and tablets will put you ahead of the competition.

Add Social Icons

Many businesses are using social media to help spread the word about their websites and your business can do the same.

By adding linkable social icons to your website, you can link your business to your social networking and vice-versa.

Placement is everything when it comes to adding social icons, so make sure they are visible. By adding icons to your page headers or footers, you’ll give visitors the opportunity to follow your site on social media no matter what page they land on.

When you’re ready to update and upgrade your home Internet business website, consider some of the tips above.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including website design and customer outreach.

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