It’s a Coupon, It’s a Card: Redesign Ideas For Your Business Card

business cardsChanged your phone number again? Guess you’re going to be crossing that out on your business cards and writing in the new number. While you’re at it, you might want to write in your new company URL, since it’s a “.org” now and not a “.com” and of course that’s going to change your company email address as well, so more crossing out and updating. Your business card is a busy mess and everything on it is outdated, including the calendar on the reverse side that is two years old. Might be time to get a new business card and, while you’re at it, maybe think about incorporating a new design concept. business cards printing will get your cards cut and sent to you in record time, but you have to send them your order and design first. While you will probably have lots of opportunities to create and recreate your business card, you only get one first impression with the person who gets your card. When you network, the first thing a person sees is your card. Your card reflects the kind of business you work for and how creative your company is. Your card will either “wow” the prospects you meet or it will become scrap paper, depending on how creative and functional it is.


One way to keep your business card from becoming scrap paper is to print something useful on the opposite side of the general information that is usually on a business card. On one side you’ll have your company name, name, profession, title, contact information, URL and perhaps a short, memorable slogan that relates to your work. On the other side, you can create a functional design that makes sense for your business. Here are a few ideas that you can use for the flip-side of your card:

  • Discount coupon
  • Punch or stamp card
  • Calendar (this works well for companies that have seasonal work flow)
  • Appointment keeper
  • RSVP Cards
  • List events that your company is hosting
  • A map of where your offices are located

The more functional design space you use on your card, the more its value will increase for the person who ends up with it in their hand.


The more creative and inviting your card is, stylistically, the more your prospects or clients will want to keep your card and will remember you. Colorful high-resolution images of you or your products can be helpful, a fun and simple logo can be a great trademark for you and your company. Try to think outside of the box of a business card and maybe even have your cards printed in a shape that is more to your liking, like a rounder shape or another creative shape like a star or a phone.

And the Old Cards?

You still have those outdated cards and you don’t have to throw them away. They’re still useful and can be easily reused and re-purposed. Here are a few ways you can use your old cards and cut down on waste.

  • Make them into labels – If the backside of the card is empty, you can use it to write a label and then tape it to a jar or other object that needs labeling.
  • Price tags – You can also paste paper onto a card and write a price tag on its new blank slate.
  • Level wobbly chairs and tables – This might seem absurd, but it works and until you can afford to get your chaise lounge fixed, you do have all of those cards. Might as well put them to use.

Reusing paper is also a great way to do your part in sustainability, saving energy and saving trees. The more business cards that are actually used for more than the time it takes to hand them out, the better for you, your prospect and the planet.

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