Jobs That Can Help You Get Through College And Earn A Living

Jobs That Can Help You Get Through College And Earn A LivingIt is without a doubt that the cost of college is on a continuous rise. Many students are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for housing, food, tuition, books and other college-related expenses. Traditional part-time jobs are not enough anymore. However, here is a list of some jobs that both full-time and part-time students should consider to earn a decent living.


Personal Trainer

If you have a fitness background, personal training or group exercise instruction should be at the top of list when it comes to looking for good paying jobs. This type of job comes with a high degree of flexibility and most chain gyms do not require degrees or a list of certifications. A basic certification from NASM, ACSM, or ISSA would be more than enough to start working at as a personal trainer. Location is key however to commanding a good hourly wage. A personal trainer in Miami is more likely to make more money than a personal trainer based in Des Moines. However, Personal Trainers usually make in the ballpark of $15 to $20 per hourly session. Aerobics instructors and group class instructors typically make more. Nonetheless, this is a perfect job option for those who are athletes, regular gym goers and those who are studying fields such as human biomechanics or exercise physiology.


Security Guard

Because most college courses are offered during the day, becoming a security guard is also a good option for someone looking for a good part-time or full-time job. Security guards are virtually employed everywhere nowadays. Banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, park districts, etc all employ security guards. Also, security guards have the option of working a variety of shifts. Security Guard Companies Miami typically start prospective employees off at around $12 and higher. More experience brings in higher wages.


Freelance Writer/Editor

There is a huge demand for freelance writers and editors, especially web content development and SEO-oriented writing. Freelance writers can write for a variety of publications and outlets such as blogs, online magazines, websites, newspapers, and other forms of digital media. While many large and reputable online organizations might want to work with more experienced copywriters, smaller companies and organizations are always recruiting entry-level freelance writers to not only help with blog post creation, but also with social media marketing. This will be a perfect fit for an individual currently enrolled in a mass communications or marketing degree program.



Tutoring is in really high demand right now, especially for math, science and reading comprehension. Tutors are not only hired to help K-12 students, but also college students. Individuals with math, science and engineering backgrounds are constantly recruited by local tutoring companies to help students with subjects such as calculus, biology, physics and chemistry. Tutors are also used with foreign students to help teach writing, speech and basic communication skills to non-native students. Tutoring individuals who are preparing to take tests such as the ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT is in high demand as well. Good tutors can easily command on the low end, $20 an hour to as high as $80 an hour depending on the subject and location. Virtual tutoring has also opened up doors for college students to utilize Skype and other online communication tools to work for companies outside of their location.


Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching is also another great way to make decent income while enrolled in school. Substitute teachers can control their schedule, sometimes are given benefits, and have relatively short days. In large cities such as Chicago, substitute teachers can make way well over $100 a day and have the ability to choose when and where they would like to work. Most school districts only require prospective subs to have only 60 hrs of college credit. The only drawback however is that the initial application process takes time given that prospective individuals have to go through a lengthy background check process.


There are many options out there for students. There is no need to work at fast food restaurants, retail stores and other places that will typically pay only minimum wage. With careful research and due diligence, you can get through college and still earn a living.

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