Make It Your Business to Take Some Down Time


When you’re the sole owner of a home Internet business, it can be hard to stop thinking about your business 24/7, and even harder to completely take some time off from your business for a family vacation.

Though it’s counter-intuitive, taking time off can actually help your business in the long run.

First of all, you’ll feel more rested after you return, and better rested people make better decisions.

Secondly, you’ll be eager to get back to work, and that renewed sense of hope will help you to work more efficiently and perhaps more creatively in terms of your marketing efforts.

Last, taking time off and returning to a business that did just fine while you were away will give you the trust you need to be able to take more family vacations in the future without worrying that your business will fall apart in your absence.

Here are some tips for your road trip….

1. Pack some fun

Don’t forget to lighten up and pack some fun for your family road trip that will help you to make memories. The more fond memories you create, the more likely you’ll be to want to do it again next year.

As the following article looks at, here are five things to pack for a family road trip: a video camera to record the kids, activity books to keep them entertained in the car, and some road trip tunes that will inspire the whole car to sing at the top of their lungs. Don’t forget to bring a Frisbee for impromptu games in the park, and a blanket for last minute picnics by the side of the road.

2. Stay tethered

If you’re the sole owner and sole owner of your business, it can be dangerous to leave your business alone for two weeks.

Stay connected to your business by bringing along a laptop or tablet that will enable you to log on to the accounts necessary to keep your thumb on the pulse of your company.

However, don’t let that tether become a ball and chain. Use it only on occasion, and don’t use it as an excuse to escape from your family responsibilities.

Otherwise, you’ll be cheating yourself and your family out of quality vacation time.

3. Hire a manager

Another option for maintaining your business while you’re away is to hire a manager.

This takes some planning ahead, so you have enough time to train this new person. If you hire someone you already know, such as a relative or a former colleague, you may be able to bypass an extensive training period and just have them keep tabs on things on an emergency basis.

That way, if they encounter a problem they can’t handle, they can just call you up and ask what you’d like them to do.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to have a family life and a solo home Internet business.

You just need to get a little creative with how you handle your time off.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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