Make Money Without Burning Yourself Out


Quitting your day job to start your own home Internet business is exciting.

You visualize working in your pajamas and enjoying life more.

The realities of working for yourself are often much different than your dreams. It is far too easy to burn out and be ready to go back to the regular job you gave up.

Realities of Home Internet Business

You often have to spend more time working on your home Internet business than you did at your job, at least in the beginning.

You may work hard marketing yourself or finding customers even without making a sale. Even if you have an Internet business that translates into money for your time, you will have administrative work and other tasks that are unbillable.

You will be working early and late at least getting your business started.

Even if you break away for fun or relaxation, you will probably be checking your messages and answering emails.

It is difficult to get a real break when you are your own boss.

How to Prevent Burn Out

Ideally, you will think about these issues before you jump into your new business full-time.

But even if you have already given your resignation and are already a full-time Internet business owner, you can make changes to prevent burn-out.

First, determine how much money you need.

As the following article shows, this goes beyond paying the bills to answering the question “How much money will make you happy?”

You want to budget in money for fun or rewards like a spa treatment or afternoon on the golf course. You need time to get away to avoid being burned out.

Since many activities have costs associated with them, you have to budget in money as well as time.

Next, you have to determine how much you have to work to make that money.

Err on the conservative side to ensure that you can pay the bills. Remember, this is only for billable hours.

Once you have the total, you must add in extra work time to include all of the non-billable tasks. The end result is how much you have to work.

When You Don’t Like the Numbers

If you don’t like the answer, you have to go back to the beginning.

Look at ways to cut your budget while still being happy. If you are working long hours, you won’t have time to enjoy your cable TV.

Consider cutting back on these expenses so that you have smaller expenses and can spend less time working.

Perhaps your budget is well over what you want it to be.

Consider making more drastic cuts, like renting or buying a smaller home with a lower mortgage. Sell the second car and be a one-car family.

The other option is to look at how much you plan to earn.

Maybe there is a way that you can earn more without working harder. Can you target your advertising to gain more customers? Maybe you can charge a higher rate.

Owning your own home Internet business is a wonderful opportunity to live the life you want.

Just make sure you are reasonable with your expectations and understand how much money you will need.

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About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including finance and small business.

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