Make Your Home Office the Most Peaceful Place in the House

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Just because you can run a home internet business in your pajamas, doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it from bed.

For many online entrepreneurs, a home office is a necessary part of running their company or service successfully. And a quiet office is key to maximizing your productivity.

Here are some tips on how to bring peace and quiet to your space:

Having the Right Room

If you’re looking for a truly quiet space, you need to choose the right room to furnish in the first place.

If you live near a busy street, you’ll want your office to be as far away from the side that faces the road. If you’re living in an apartment complex with other units on each side, the middle of your apartment may be a better bet.


If you’ve got wall-to-wall carpet or even concrete floors, you’re in luck because these will help minimize the sound in your office.

In the event you have laminate or hardwood floors, you should look into purchasing an area rug or even cork flooring materials to help absorb noise.


Windows can be a blessing and a curse.

On one hand they give you a view of the outside world and can increase your creativity and inspiration. On the other hand, they let in potentially distracting noise.

To keep your home office as quiet as possible, you can hang fabric curtains over your windows, even if you already have blinds installed.

Filling Gaps

If you really want to block out noise, you can use caulking to fill in the gaps of your windows.

Depending on how old your home or apartment building is, you may consider installing new, noise-proof windows instead. Again, the level of noise-proofing you need may be based on the nature of your business.

As the article, “Designing the Quietest Place in the World” points out, super silent spaces like quiet chambers are necessary if you’re developing audio products or sound measurement is an integral part of your business.

Acoustic Panels

You can purchase and install acoustic panels on your walls and ceiling to further quiet your home office space.
These products are typically an inch thick and some companies give you the option to have them covered in a printed fabric so they can double as decoration too.

Ask for Quiet

No amount of technology or thick fabric drapes can keep your home office quiet if your friends and family keep barging in.

“Working from home” can be one of the most difficult concepts to explain to people that are used to having traditional office jobs.

They often need to be reminded that while you may be in the house, you’re still at the office and on the clock.

Asking them to respect your home office as a quiet space can help you stay productive and on track.

Running a home internet business can be stressful, but with these tips in mind, you can design a home office that delivers on peace and quiet.

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About the Author: Kristin Livingstone writes on a variety of topics including online business, home decorating, and design.

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