Market Research: 5 Ideas for Better Understanding Your Customers

Maintain employee morale by managing your company’s online reputation and keeping it favorable.

Within the field of business, personality and respect to customers has always been a key aspect of success. Here are just a few ideas about how to gain customers’ trust and know how they feel about your service.

1. An Evening Phone Call

It’s an old-fashioned business move, but calling customers or clients the evening after a sale will allow you to make sure they are satisfied with the service they’ve received. Such respectful calls can also make your customers fans of your company for life: A polite evening call shows respect for their needs and will give you an inside look into how your product helps others.

2. A Company Facebook PageEasy Home Internet Business - Making Your Business Facebook Page Stand Out from the Pack Pic 1

In the internet age, free advertising often comes by way of social media. Starting a company Facebook page for clients to “like” and provide comments will give you personal tips on what you’re doing right. Remember to thank clients when they provide comments on your service.

3. Ask for Voluntary Ratings

If you want specifics on each sale, encourage clients to rate employee and company performance on several different scales, if they’d like to. (Remember not to pressure clients if they’re short on time.) Use your facebook page or other social media to offer your customers an online survey to give you feedback. Even if you aren’t very techy, or you don’t have a big budget, you can use a free html survey form builder to get some honest feedback. You may find that your company is great at being personable, but delivery of a product was slow, for example. Such feedback will enable you to know what to change and why while keeping your strengths at top level.

4. Understanding the Chain of Decision

When clients rate your service according to different factors such as sales, delivery, and personable interaction of staff, you’ll know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong when you begin to see consistencies in reviews. Do you receive substandard reviews on sales pitches from nearly all clients? It may be that your sales staff is feeling under-appreciated and not performing to standard: a good reason to focus on encouraging that side of the business. In other words, making sure that your company is firing on all cylinders will make you better serve your customers’ needs.

Woman on Computer5. Google Your Company’s Name

In the internet age, we are quickly entering what many economists call a “reputation economy.” This is a transformative period in which internet reputations slowly overtake referrals and letters of reference as communicators of workers’ and business’ reputations. See if your company is receiving reviews on popular sites like Yelp and be sure to take the comments to heart. (Avoid commenters who are merely using the internet as an anonymous platform to verbally abuse people, however.)

In this way, learning more about your customers’ needs can give your company the boost that sends profits and client, customer and worker satisfaction soaring. With the right mindset, you’ll know exactly how your company affects others’ lives for the better.

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