Market Your Home Business in a Variety of Ways


As a growing number of individuals find running a home Internet business more and more appealing, doing so requires better attention to how one promotes their home-based company.

If you’re running a business out of your home, you don’t necessarily have the promotional opportunities as a brick and mortar business does. Secondly, unless you are well-known before you start a company out of your home, you are basically starting from scratch when it comes to promoting your products and/or services.

So, what are some of the best ways to spread the word regarding your home-based Internet business?

Among them:

1. Have a marketing plan – Before you decide to market your home-based company, you need to have a plan in place. Trying to market on the run is not only foolish; it can end up costing you precious revenue. Decide who you want to market to, what forms of marketing you will use (traditional, mobile etc.), and how much of a budget you have to do this. If you’re not a marketing expert by any means, get with someone who is. You may feel like outsourcing your marketing needs will be costly, but it may be the best money you have ever spent;

2. Know your audience – Marketing to folks who really are not that interested in your brand is a waste of their time and yours. In order to lessen such efforts, do some analysis of just who truly is interested in your products and/or services. One advantage of mobile marketing is you need consumers who are interested in opting-in to what you have to offer. You can also improve your odds of hitting the right audience by using social media (see more below) to determine who follows you on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter;

3. Be more social – One of the arguments you oftentimes hear from business owners that choose not to take advantage of all social media has to offer is they feel they can’t get a true return on their investment (ROI) when it comes to social media. As it turns out, social media is a great means by which to market your brand. If you’re using Facebook and/or Twitter to market your home business, look to see who is following and befriending you. You may think having a huge number of followers and friends for your social business pages is great, but quality rules over quantity. Lastly, make sure your social endeavors are consistent. If you’re only tweeting/sharing periodically, you fail to build an audience that will follow you regularly;

4. Use your personal connections – Finally, running a home-based business offers you the opportunity to use friends and family as free marketers. No matter the product or service you offer, it is likely you know family members and friends who can use it. In turn, they can tell others about your business, meaning they’re doing the networking for you. Without being a nuisance, work your friends and family members to market for you, thereby saving you marketing money and hopefully increasing your revenue stream.

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About the Author: Miguel Salcido has been a professional search marketing consultant for over 11 years. He is the founder and CEO of Organic Media Group, a content driven SEO agency. He also likes to blog at OrganicSEOConsultant.comand share insights into advanced SEO.

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