Modern Marketing Techniques: 6 Campaigns You Can Learn From

Successful marketing campaigns are markedly different from their predecessor 50, 10 or even five years ago. They employ clever ideas, tactics that would seem counterproductive, and integration with technology that propels them forward.

To better understand how today’s modern marketing techniques are different, let’s examine six modern campaigns and what you can learn from them.


6. Biltwell’s Motorcycle Helmet Art Showcasing

Biltwell primarily sells motorcycle accessories. One of their main marketing strategies is to encourage their fans on their Facebook page to post their customized products on their page, which in turn fosters even more interaction and product sales. This kind of interaction is unprecedented with modern social media outlets and more companies are grabbing on to the possibilities that are out there via this medium.

Modern marketing principle: Interaction with your audience is essential to establishing loyal customers.


5. UNICEF Vinyl Landmine Stickers

Older types of media still fair incredibly well when the right method of sharing ideas is used. UNICEF is using vinyl stickers to spread awareness about a very real danger. Other companies are catching on and using the services of Ardon Vinyl Graphics & Signage Corp. to get their own message across.

Modern marketing principle: Utilizing time-tested types of media in new ways that stand out will almost always produce the awareness that an idea or a product needs.


4. Tiffany’s 18,000+ Instagram Videos

Tiffany sells numerous pieces of beautiful jewelry in their signature color of “Tiffany blue”. What better way to showcase it than by taking pictures and video of it to share on media-based social networks? Tiffany’s “Tiffany Blue” has one video that has already received 18,000 Likes. Again, using social media to increase awareness of your newer products can be an invaluable resource.

Modern marketing principle: Physical products and visual media go together like peanut butter and jam when it comes to modern marketing.


3. White House’s #getcovered Twitter Campaign

The push for affordable healthcare has been met with many challenges. That’s why the White House implemented a Twitter campaign that allows users to utilize the “#getcovered” tag when sharing their experiences with getting healthcare coverage.

Modern marketing principle: Personal stories sell an idea, product or service better than anything you could say about them.


2. Lego’s Aprils Fools Turtle Delivery Option

Lego tweeted a picture of Legos tied to a turtle’s back. They jokingly said that turtles would be a new delivery option.

Needless to say, this April Fools joke was met with a hail of positive responses and retweets.

Modern marketing principle: Outlandish ideas, while daring and sometimes apparently risky, will almost always get your customers talking.


1. Evian’s Babies

Evian released “Roller Babies” in 2009. The video found success due to the use of babies and CGI.

Similar videos, including “Baby Inside” and “Baby & Me” found similar success on the Internet. These campaigns continue to produce more shares and views than most other campaigns worldwide.

Modern marketing principle: Uniqueness and the right audience appeal produces the most effective modern marketing campaigns.


Achieving Modern Marketing Success

The truth about modern marketing is that there’s no standardized formula for success. It takes an insightful mind to read what customers want, and the right touch to produce something that works with them.

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