Moms That Make Money: 6 Stay at Home Businesses

As if you don’t already have enough to do as a mom, now you want to make money, too? I don’t blame you. I did it and you can too. As a stay-at-home mom, you can manage the house, be with the kids and balance a home business.

Here’s how to get started:

Instrument Lessons

Introduce children, teens and adults to the world of music by teaching them to play an instrument. As a piano, violin or trombone teacher, you can help others not only learn how to play their instrument but develop a passion for creating music. Teachers can work out of their home or travel to their students’ homes for a small fee. Register online at an agency who helps connect teachers with students, or advertise at local schools, stores and community events.

Sell Crafts/Creations Online changed the way shoppers shop and small businesses do business. If you are a crafty creative mom, don’t let your talents go to waste. Make money selling your handmade goods using online marketplaces or make your own website and sell there. You may find your expertly designed party invitations or eco-friendly hand soap sells quicker than you think, and you’ll have to order more supplies using an American Express business credit card, or whatever form of payment you prefer, to keep up with business.

Provide Child Care

It seems cliché, but don’t let any babysitting stereotypes prevent you from using your most-attractive selling points. As a stay at home mom who is playing with and teaching your children, why not add a few more kids to the mix? If your hands are full and 10+ hours seems like no fun, consider just one. Parents often need a sitter for when their child gets home from school and before they get home from work. Offer your services and you’ll have steady income for years.

Don’t forget about dogs! If you have a suitable backyard or your home is well-equipped for pets, let friends and neighbors know you are willing to pet sit while they go on vacation. You can earn easy cash, and they’ll save on expensive kennel fees.

Start Catering

What’s holding you back from taking your love of baking to the next level? Start a home catering service and watch as the orders file in. You’ll need to get a food establishment license and have a kitchen that meets state and federal government health standards. You can find more information about this at your local health department. Try to find a niche in the market, such as specializing in vegetarian dishes or Indian cuisine. Then, all you’ll need is one happy client to spread the word about your delectable food and fantastic service.

Become a Tutor

What subject were you good at in school? If you are already helping your kids, agree to work with others on their homework. Private tutors can charge on their level of education and experience. Talk to school administrators to find out who you can offer your services to. Advertise at college libraries, tutoring centers, tutoring websites, or register with a local tutoring agency.

Try Freelancing

You don’t need to have an English or journalism degree to be a freelance writer. Online publishers, blogs, newspapers and magazines are constantly looking for reliable freelance writers. Depending on your expertise, you could be a technical writer, advise giver, food critic, mommy blogger or community news reporter. I’ve found that some people just want an extra set of eyes to look over a book they are writing or a small start-up needs help with the wording on its website.

Freelance work doesn’t just apply to writing. Companies are looking for flexible, part-time workers to be travel agents, translation specialists, photographers, models, fact checkers and just about everything else under the sun.

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