Monetizing Your Site in 2015?


Whether your home Internet business website is just starting out or already established, you can make even more money with it through monetization.

Depending on how you monetize, the money you bring in can vary from fun money to a substantial part of your income.

As the following article shows, here are some tips and 4 rules to remember when you monetize your site:

1. Use Affiliate Marketing – This is one of the biggest things home business owners are doing with their websites. Even if yours isn’t a professional site but you’d like a little income from it, consider affiliate marketing. This is basically a “recommendation” from you for another site or product. You provide the affiliate link and when your followers go to that site and buy something, you get a cut. Depending on the product and your commission rate, as well as the traffic you generate, you could make quite a bit of money without too much effort. A rule to remember, you could lose a little trust with your clientele if you don’t stand by and believe in your affiliates.

2. Sell Ad Space – Again, this works better the more traffic you have. If you have a couple of visitors every so often, you may want to wait until your numbers go up so you’ll be a bit more in demand. But once you do have more followers, you can advertise your space and sell it to others. This is a great way for income as it’s a one time, set fee as opposed to some of the other ways of monetizing. A rule to remember, though, is to make sure you’re not going to offend or annoy your current clients and followers with who you let advertise.

3. Pay Per Click – The big name here is Google AdSense, and in a nutshell, when you sign up, your site will show related ads to your visitors. If they click on the ads, you get a payout. Though each payout is normally pretty small, the more visitors you have, the more money you’ll make. You do have to apply with Google AdSense, so a good rule is to know their Terms of Services.

4. Create an Online Store – Even if your business doesn’t really sell “products” you can always throw some in. People love cool t-shirts of their favorite business (plus it’s advertising for you) or other fun items, like coffee mugs or car stickers. If you’re a writer, offer up an EBook. You’d be surprised at what you can market. The rule here is to make sure you investigate any necessary guidelines for selling online.

You’ve already done the tough part – creating that website.

Now it’s time to monetize and earn some more income from it.

No matter what your home Internet business is and who your customers are, you can figure out a way to use your site to make more money and 2015 is the year to do it.

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About the Author: Heather Legg covers topics relating to small business, social media and working at home.

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