Most Effective Classified Ad Sites

Classified ad sites are a great way to not only sell items that you no longer have a use for, but they are also a great way to promote yourself or your business. Additionally, you can use classified ads to sell your home, your vehicle, or just find something you have been looking for at a bargain price. So, which classified ad sites are the most effective?

While there are indeed more and more classified ad sites that keep cropping up, there are three in particular that will allow you to post ads for just about anything and allow you to do so free of charge in most cases. These top three classified ad sites include:

•    Craigslist: Craigslist is probably the most well known name these days in the world of classified ad sites. Craigslist offers a very plain looking ad to be posted, but the results are usually anything but typical. You can search for whatever you are looking for by state and specific region and you can look up what you are after by using their convenient category links. There are a few things that Craigslist makes you pay a few bucks for in order to post a classified ad, but the results make it well worth it and for the most part, they are free to use.
•    eBay Classifieds:  Formerly known as Kajiji, eBay Classifieds takes the power of eBay and applies it to a free classified advertisement. Search for whatever you want by either category, or get more specific and search by state and region. When you use the classified portion of eBay there is no insertion fee, no final value fee, no auction, and no shipping. Everything is arranged as local pickup and using this online ad site couldn’t be easier.
•    Backpage: An up and comer in the world of online ad sites is Backpage. Like the other top two you can search by state and region to find what you are looking for and you can take advantage of their free classified ad postings. The results are going to be better than many free online advertising sites as Backpage is quickly making its presence known in the online community.

Of course the overall effectiveness of the online ad site you choose to use will have something to do with the way in which you write the actual advertisement, but you can certainly help your plight by using one of the top three online ad sites to help boost your exposure.

Online ad sites are a great tool to utilize in order to promote yourself or a product you are selling. These websites are not just for selling your old stuff anymore though and can represent a wonderful opportunity for you to really stand out from your competitors. However, because there are now so many online ad sites, you should help yourself as much as you can by going with one of the elite online ad sites that will help you be as effective as possible. See what you can achieve, all with on tiny little online advertisement, you might just be surprised.

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