Netbooks for the Home Office

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If you run a small business out of your home, then it probably goes without saying that Internet is a crucial part of your professional world.

The number of consumers going online to shop rises every day, so it’s no surprise netbooks are growing in popularity with business owners looking to stay connected to their consumer base.
With digital sales in mind, here are just a few ways your small business can benefit from a netbook….

Low Cost

As a small business owner, your top priority is your budget and netbooks definitely put price first.

Compared to a fully functioning laptop, a netbook provides all the online capabilities as well as a surprising amount of hard drive space for a fraction of the price of a laptop.

From impressive processing speeds to multiple gigabytes of memory to lightning fast WiFi capabilities and every technological need in between, many netbooks such as the Acer Black 11.6″ TravelMate can do just about everything laptops and desktops can while staying in the $300 to $600 price point. With other computers starting at the $1,000 mark and above, a netbook is a financially wise decision for your small business.

Smaller Size

Regardless of whether you work solely from your home or you commute to different locations for your business, the smaller the better when it comes to your computer.

Laptops are small, but netbooks are even smaller, which gives your at-home business the flexibility to go wherever the day takes you.

Straightforward Capabilities

Your digital life can become just as cluttered as your home office, so it’s important to make your digital domain as easy to navigate as possible.

Netbooks are straightforward, easy to use, and keep your computing needs basic: WiFi Internet, emailing, and word processing, which is a hassle-free way to run the online component of your small business.

Longer Battery Life

Just because you run a small business out of your home doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring your computing needs on the go.

Because netbooks use smaller components, they use much less battery power than laptops, which means you can stay on the go longer without worrying about a charger.

The biggest factor when it comes to power usage in laptops is the display.

Laptop screens use a large percentage of power, but netbook screens are inches smaller and therefore require less energy to run.

So, if you need to meet with a client across town or you simply want to work from your backyard for the day, a netbook will give you hours of charger-free power.

Netbook Options

There are a number of netbooks that come in all sizes and computing capabilities, so it’s important to choose the right netbook for your home office needs.

Below are a couple netbooks that are sure to fit the bill, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can view more netbooks here to research some further options.

• HP Charcoal – The HP Charcoal is the perfect netbook if you’re looking for something with more laptop capabilities. It features a 15.6-inch screen and comes with an AMD E1-2100 processor, 500GB hard drive, and an impressive 4GB of storage all for under $300.

• Samsung Chromebook – On the less expensive end of the netbook spectrum is the Samsung Chromebook, which also features an 11.6-inch screen, but has an Exynos 5 Dual processor, 2GB of memory, and a 16GB SSD hard drive for only $225.

If you’re ready to make a change with your home office computing, then give an every-bit-as-capable netbook a try.

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