Practical Tips for Filtering Out Best SEO Consultants for Your Business

Hiring an SEO expert is a great decision if your business relies on web traffic either for marketing or for sale. When SEO techniques are utilized in the right manner they can lift your website from the 10th page of the search result and put it on the 1st page. You must already know the meaning of being on the 1st page of search result – a heavy traffic and increased conversion rate of the leads.

You can easily search and get the expected qualities of great SEO experts. But, is it practically possible to judge all those qualities in a professional just by meeting once or twice? How will you know that the person claiming him as an expert posses the understanding of the levels of SEO when you yourself are not aware of them? And, if you knew the nitty-gritty, why would you be searching for an expert in the first place? So, here we are giving you some practical tips to choose the right SEO Expert.

Can the expert be found on the first page himself?

The basic work of an SEO expert is to bring the desired website or webpage on the first page. If your chosen consultant or the company is expert in their work, they’ll surely rule the top search result positions. List 5-7 keywords related to hiring SEO experts and search them all, on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Don’t forget to localize the keyword to find an expert in your area. As for example, if, you are based in say St. Louis, you’ll search keywords like SEO in St. Louis, Expert SEO consultant St. Louis etc.

Do they listen to you intently?

After doing the keyword search for SEO experts in your close vicinity you’ll come up with a list of experts in your area. Try to meet them in person. You can talk over the phone too but that will not be as effective as one-to-one meeting because person talking over the phone may not be the person who’ll be working for your search engine visibility. If you find the person more interested in conveying the package price than listening to you then surely that’s not the right choice. The good one will listen to you and also ask you about your current strategy, future goals etc.

Are they making over-promises?

When you start getting assured of the good quality of the SEO expert do the final litmus test. Ask the person directly – You’ll bring my website on the first page of the search result, right? If the answer comes abruptly – Yeah, sure! Get up and walk away. SEO techniques are meant to improve your search ranking but no one can guarantee to bring you to the first page instantly. The good one will make you understand the scenario and the process but will never promise you o bring your website to the first page instantly. If the person talks anything about having internal relations with search engines, never ever trust that person for anything related to your business.

Be cautious while hiring anyone for such an important task.

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