Why a Projector Is Better Than a Television

By: Alek Sabin

Living room with projector screen and fireplace.

If you’re putting together a home theater, you’re going to be faced with a lot of decisions. Where does the seating go? Do you try to fit more people, or go for larger seating? What kind of ambient lighting? What posters do you want on the wall? Yada yada yada! None of these things matter if your entertainment watching system isn’t blowing Mr. Next Door Neighbor’s out of the water! This brings you to the most important binary decision of the theater-making process: projector or television? Televisions nowadays are getting larger and come with all sorts of fancy gadgets, and you can sometimes get a decent one for less than $1000. Don’t be swayed by these bells-and-whistles! You aren’t setting up your daddy’s living room. Any home theater worth its salt is going to check the first box and buy a projector. Here are all the benefits they are going to have for doing so…


More natural image


If you went out of the way to purchase a good projector, it’s safe to assume you also forked out for a nice screen material to project onto. If you’ve set it up correctly, you are going to get a more cinematic image that is far more pleasing to the eye. Whites are going to be a lot more natural coming from a projector, rather than from a bright, digital screen. Although reasonably-priced projectors used to be lacking, when it came to displaying true black, modern projectors have largely fixed this issue, and now display a wide range of values and colors in a well-balanced image. Any television that can match these displays is going to be tens of thousands of dollars.


Use it for events

Family in living room

Once you setup your projector the first time, it’s a piece of cake every time after that! It seems odd to pack up a television and take it with you different places, but that is part of the joy of owning a projector! It is easy to transport have a large-sized screen with you anywhere you want to go. This can be a major blessing if you host any events, whether for a business convention, a movie marathon, or just to display pictures at your grandparents 127th anniversary.


Outdoor movies


During the summer (and even in parts of the spring and fall), the nights are a pleasant, lovely temperature that you’ll want to relax in. Who wants to spend all that time indoors? If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend a summer night outdoors, then there are few options that are as fun as watching a movie outside. Because you can adapt your projector to display images at many different sizes, it is fun and easy to use the side of your home to enjoy a flick in your own backyard. Purchase some snacks and drinks, and you can easily put together a fun screening for the whole neighborhood! If you’re looking for tips to put something like this together, check out this fun article here.


It makes your living room feel like a theater

Light and spacious living room with projector, extra large sofa and black furniture
Light and spacious living room with projector, extra large sofa and black furniture

A projector is much more immersive than a simple television. While we can’t promise your theater will be as technically outfitted as your local multiplex, we can promise you that you’ll be more relaxed in the comfort of your living room as you watch your entertainment in a viewing experience that is equal parts personal, like the tv you had as a child, and immersive, like a movie theater.


It’s easier on your eyes


If you’ve ever spent a long night staring at a computer screen or a television, you know that the brightness of a digital screen in a dark room can hurt your eyes, after a while. However, because the source of light is not coming from the screen, a projector does not suffer from the same setback. When the light is coming from behind you, it makes for a more natural viewing experience that won’t make you feel like you’ve been punched in both eyes, no matter how late you stay up binge watching Netflix.

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