Promo materials that every B2B salesmen needs

The world of B2B is complex and competitive. Your challenges will seem great, and you know that you need a set of tools, your weapons, to help you battle the enemies that stand before you. These tools are your promo materials. They are the items that will aid you in your attempt to approach, persuade, attract and secure new clients.


If you feel like you are lacking some materials, here are some suggestions to help you complete your arsenal.




Your brochure is your main go-to item. Depending on your situation, you may not have time to sit and chat with possible clients. Your brochure should have all the main information that you would hope to relay to possible clients. Moreover, this information should be neat, organized, and straight to the point.


Spiral booklet


Your booklet will have much more information than a simple brochure. This item is meant for people who are willing to stick around. For example, let’s say you were attending a trade show or conference. You may be busy talking with someone. Since you are the only person available to answer questions, you will allow your booklet to give detailed information to other people who are patiently waiting to talk to you.


There are many great companies, like spiral booklet printing, that can help you design a detailed booklet that is perfect for your presentation and brand.


QR codes


These awesome little boxes are more useful now than ever thanks to smartphone technology. You should incorporate this code on your brochures, business cards and any other paper material. When people scan the code, it should bring them to information that you would love to tell them in person. It should contain a number they can reach you at for more information if they are interested in taking the next step.


One great use for this code is by placing it on your business card. Instead of cluttering your cards with information that would never fit, use the code and let the potential client see your information and sales presentation that way.


Physical displays


Many people are visual. They learn best when they can see and feel something. If you are selling a certain product, make sure you bring that product or a replica of the product for potential clients to see.


Other minor items


Other than those major materials, make sure you are stocked up on plenty of pens, pins, stickers and other minor promo items. These small promo materials are great for brand exposure, so don’t be afraid to hand out thousands of them if you can.

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