Protect Your Business This Winter Season With These 4 Suggestions

The winter season can be a busy and hectic time for any business. Your storefront or office can be flooded with new seasonal employees and large waves of customers. You need to increase the security in the building during this time and these four suggestions will help you to better protect your business this holiday season.

Business Protection

Add More Locks on Doors

You need to do everything possible to stop unauthorized people like customers or employees from getting to the most sensitive areas within your business. One or two locks are not enough. You will want to add more locks on most of the doors inside your business. Think about installing access control systems that require specific codes or keycards to open. This allows you to tightly control who can move around the building. Some advanced systems also generate access logs that you can audit later to see who is spending time in different areas.


Get a Safe

You are likely to have a larger number of valuable items inside your business during the holidays. Criminals know this. They will go to great lengths to get to those items. A simple solution is to get a safe. Choose a solid safe and have it professionally installed. The safe should be attached to the building so it cannot be lifted up and carried away. Implement new work routines that involve keeping valuables like cash, backup discs or expensive items in the safe as much as possible.


Install an Alarm System

Install a modern alarm system in your business. The system should have motion detectors, cameras that everyone can see and sensors to detect broken windows. Choose a system that can be monitored remotely by professionals or dedicated employees. An Astro Guard Alarms Ltd alarm system from Vancouver is important for your business because it protects even when the building is empty and can deter potential thieves. This device can be extremely helpful because it makes it easier to catch anyone who has attempted to vandalize or steal from your business. Having this video evidence can make or break your case for the insurance company.


Consider a Live Security Guard

The holidays can bring many people into your business. It can be hard to protect your business when there are crowds constantly moving in and out of the building. Something that can help is a live security guard. You can hire a guard seasonally to watch your business and identify threats that might have gone unnoticed otherwise. A guard also acts as a deterrent that will prevent people from attempting to commit crimes within your business.


You must prepare your business for anything over the holidays. Alarm systems and safes can provide the added level of protection that will stop criminals or employees from stealing or destroying your property. Just a little preparation can keep your business safe over the holiday season.

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