Put More Mobility and Sales into Your Home Business


Mobile coupons aren’t just for the big players like Starbucks, Joann Fabrics and Michaels.

As a home Internet business owner, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of this inexpensive, yet powerful marketing tool to drive up your sales.

Here’s how to get started in this technology driven endeavor….

Find an Awesome Mobile Marketer

There is no shortage of companies promising you the moon when you sign up to deliver mobile coupons to your customers. But some companies offer more than others, and some will even harm your business by mismanaging your list.

Here are some things to look for – and things to avoid – when finding a mobile marketer for your home Internet business:

1. They should understand your business model – If you have to repeatedly explain what it is you do and how your business earns revenue, keep looking. Any mobile marketer worth their salt will be savvy about most Internet businesses. If your business isn’t, they don’t have the experience you need.

2. They should have paperwork for you to sign – There should be agreements that state they won’t share your list, clauses that specify when they will send your mobile texts, and a clause that states terms of disengagement. In other words, if your mobile marketer doesn’t have a legal foundation, walk away.

3. They should have references – Beyond logos of merchants on their website, your prospective mobile marketer should be able to offer you names and phone numbers of references to call. You need to find out if their claims are real, and what kind of results you can expect. If they balk at this, keep looking.

4. They should know more than you do – As the following article looks at, your mobile marketer should be able to tell you how to use mobile coupons to your advantage. You shouldn’t have to explain it to them. They should be able to give you fresh ideas that you haven’t even thought of. If you find yourself coming up with your own mobile marketing ideas, then they should be paying you; not the other way around.

Keep Your Options Open

When people speak of mobile marketing, they’re usually talking about mobile coupons, which is great.

Consumers love to get mobile coupons. They don’t have to spend time searching for them in magazines; don’t have to clip them, organize them or fiddle with them at the register. But mobile marketing can be so much more.

Imagine sending text messages to your customers to let them know everything will be discounted between certain hours on a specific day? Or giving them a tip on a unique way to use one of your products? Or sending them a link to a funny YouTube video you just posted on your channel?

Mobile marketing can take your home Internet business to places you would never have been able to go in the past.

The exorbitant cost of hiring a Madison Avenue advertising firm has just become wildly affordable to you in the form of mobile marketing.

Take advantage of the trend and watch your sales soar.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes about best business practices, relying on her own personal experience as a small business owner.

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