Put SMS Surveys in Play for Your Home Business


If you’re trying to improve the way you do your home Internet business, customer surveys can help you see things from the eyes of your customers. With that said, there’s no better way to send out your customer surveys than through text.

Here are just a few ways SMS surveys can help your business gather the opinions of your faithful customers:

Importance of Surveys

The key to success is truly knowing what your customers think about your business.

Although what your business offers is important, customer satisfaction is as equally important. Besides, without happy shoppers, it really doesn’t matter how nice your products and services are.

That’s why it’s important to send surveys to your current customers.

Surveys give you an opportunity to improve your business’s shortcomings and expand on satisfaction methods you’re already using.

Add to that the convenience of mobility and your business can really put customer satisfaction first.

SMS Surveys: Instantaneous Information Collection

When it comes to sending out customer satisfaction surveys, it’s crucial that you get the results you’re looking for as fast as possible. Besides, missing out on making improvements could result in losing customers.

Fortunately, SMS surveys are instantaneously deliverable.

Chances are your customers have a mobile device with them around the clock, which means they can respond to your surveys within minutes.

As the following article looks at, using SMS surveys to satisfy customers is much faster than traditional email and phone surveys.

Survey Flexibility

Survey response rates largely depend on the type of surveys you send, which is why survey flexibility is so important. Some people respond better to simpler formats whereas others like a more in-depth approach to surveys.
With SMS surveys, your business can choose which type of survey it wants to send.

From multiple-choice questions to short response questions, SMS allows your business to customize the survey experience.

Straightforward Invitations

The last thing you want to do with a survey is force it on your customers.

Surveys should be an inviting, hassle-free experience for your audience. With SMS surveys, you can invite customers to participate in one of two ways.

If you already have their contact information, you can send a short and sweet survey invite in the form of a one-sentence text. If they don’t respond, then that’s your way of knowing they aren’t interested.

Or, you can encourage your customers to participate in a survey by sending a 4 to 6 digit short code. The short code will give them access to your survey immediately.

Either approach you take, there is some SMS survey etiquette to keep in mind.

Survey Etiquette

When reaching out to your customers to fulfill a survey or questionnaire, you never want to be forceful. If a customer doesn’t respond to your initial SMS survey attempt, don’t send another.

Always wait for the customer to respond to you. If they don’t, wait at least a week then reformat the survey and take a different approach to the survey invite.

Likewise, make sure you actually take your customers’ advice to heart.

There’s nothing more annoying for customers than knowing they wasted time on a survey your business was never going to actually use.

When you’re ready to put your surveys in the spotlight, let SMS texting help.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and mobile technology.

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