Put Some Mobility Into Your Home Business


Your home Internet business is your baby, and you need to start treating it with some tender loving care.

With that said mobile marketing is a great way to get the word out with very little cost or effort on your part.

Here are some ways to make mobile marketing work for you:

1. Focus on Your Customers’ Needs
If you’ve decided to use SMS marketing, make sure you’re sending out information, coupons or discounts that will matter to them. Don’t inundate their cell phones with messages that simply brag about your company without offering some value to your customer.

2. Respect Your Customers’ Time
Many people leave their cell phones on their nightstands overnight. You don’t want to be the business that dings them in the middle of a good dream with a 20% off coupon. Make sure you only send out text messages at decent times during the day or night.

3. Make it Easy for Them to Respond
Don’t make your customers have to work to find out more about your offer or discount. Include relevant links in your texts or emails that they can click on to get immediate access to their reward for giving you a second of their time.

4. Don’t Take Advantage of Your Power

Just because your customers have opted in to your mobile marketing campaign doesn’t give you license to take advantage of your power. Only message your subscribers when you have something awesome to share.

5. Invest in a 3rd Party Messaging Service Company
Don’t try to do the messaging marketing yourself and expect it to be super successful. As a small business owner, chances are you won’t have the technological infrastructure, the technical know-how or the inside knowledge it takes to run a truly successful SMS marketing campaign. As the following article looks at, choose a company that offers at least 5 ways to get started with mobile marketing. Make sure you have a clear budget and a company representative who understands your business model. Then, leave it all up to the texts.

6. Offer Incentives
Make sure you give your customers a reason to stay on your subscriber list. They expect coupons and discounts, but extra incentives like advance notice about upcoming sales, extended sales periods or extra inventory that is put on sale just for them can really make them feel special and appreciated.

Mobile marketing can be a major power play if you have the ball in your court.

Keep the odds in your favor with these tips for your home Internet business.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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