Putting Kids First in a Home Daycare Business


When you are trying to think of a home Internet business idea, think about the things you love.

Think about where you want to work and how you want the business to run. A great business these days is a home-based daycare center. If you have the space and love for kids, this could be something to pursue.

Things to consider for a home daycare business:

Space – What is your home like? Is it tiny and cramped? Then maybe you should think about something else. But if you’ve got some space for kids to play, rest, learn and eat, you may have enough room for a daycare. A nice fenced area for outside play would be nice, too. Your space will also dictate how many kids you’ll be able to have in your home. You’ll want to make sure areas are childproof, you have fire safety extinguishers and alarms, and that your home itself is safe (no lead paint or other toxins).

Children – What ages do you love working with? Babies, toddlers, elementary age kids? As the following article notes, “When you’re not ready to be a mom”, but you love kids, this can be a great business for you. How many children could be comfortable in your home? You may need to create some new spaces and areas for the kids to be comfortable in.

Employees – You will probably need some help, and this will correspond to your numbers and ages of kids. Think of business partners or employees. Will you want your employees to have an education background or simply be great with children?

Licensing – Most states will require you to have licensing and insurance. Most parents will want you to have this as well. It’s important to learn about this before getting too far into this to make sure you can manage it.

Activities – Depending on how old the children are, you’ll need different activities and equipment. For babies, cribs, highchairs, seats and some toys will be enough. As they get older, you’ll need more toys, books and instructional material if that is something you’re interested in. With an after school care, you’ll need places and materials to make homework successful.

Marketing – How will parents learn of your business? Should you start a Facebook page or make a website? Remember, with kids, you need to stay on the private side, but at the same time, the parents will appreciate a way to stay in touch with you and even “see” their kids during the day. Word of mouth is also a great marketing tool for in-home daycare.

You may be off to a new business dream.

To keep you and your home business organized and informative for parents, make sure you effectively use the Internet so that clients can find all the answers to their questions in one easy to-go-to place.

If you love kids and have some space in your home, don’t be afraid to step up and follow a great business idea.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who focuses on small home businesses, social media and health and wellness.

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