Remove the Distractions When Running Your Home Biz


Does working from home remind you of being a kid in a candy store with distractions everywhere you turn?

Whether it’s that flat screen TV in the other room with unlimited channels or temptations of surfing the web, your home office could hurt your productivity if you don’t get rid of all those distractions.

With home-based business success in mind, here are just a few ways to get rid of the distractions without turning your abode upside down:

Keep Dedicated Hours

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean your schedule is flexible enough to not have set hours. One of the best ways to stay on track while working from home is by keeping dedicated, distraction-free work hours.

This means no matter what’s going on in your house, your goal is stay in your home office and continue working. If it makes it easier, pretend you are on the clock and you have specific breaks throughout the day.

Sure, working from home should be an enjoyable, freeing experience, but not if it means you aren’t completing your work.

Get Rid of the Noise

Ask anyone who works from home their number one distraction and they’ll all have the same response: noise.

Whether it’s noisy neighbors or noisy kids, if your work environment isn’t quiet, you’ll have a hard time getting the job done.

Instead of trying to soundproof your home office, try some Panasonic Noise Cancelling Headphones such as those products offered at major retailers like Walmart and effectively cut the noise or replace it by filtering in your own work-inspiring tunes.

Stay Away From the Kitchen

Food is a distraction for just about anyone, which is why your home’s culinary hotspot is such a dangerous place.

If you find yourself heading to the kitchen every time you peck a key on the keyboard, then you need to take the “out of home, out of mind” approach.

In other words, if that junk food drawer is constantly calling your name, don’t keep junk food in your house.

Don’t starve yourself either, but rather schedule a couple of trips to the kitchen during your workday including a lunch break. This way you won’t lose track of your kitchen escapades or your work schedule.

Avoid the Television

The television is a major attention grabbing distraction and, if you have one in your home office, you’re doing your business a disservice.

Make sure you are nowhere near a TV while working or chances are you’ll turn it on for “just a minute” and get sucked right in.

If television and all those channels are just too tempting, simply unplug your television and cable box while working. Or, put the remote in a really inconvenient place, like your car or the attic.

Make Sure Your Family Knows You’re Working

If people are coming and going from your house around the clock, it’s probably impossible to get any work done.

From the shutting doors to the talking to the television blaring from the other room, your family might just be your biggest distraction.

Luckily there’s a simple solution: let your family know your work hours and kindly ask them to be quiet while you’re working.

By keeping the tips above in mind, you’ll have a productive, distraction-free work environment in no time.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including home businesses and workplace productivity.

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