Running a Home Internet Business as a Mom


If the thought of being a mom and working full time scares you, know that you can manage it.

Perhaps working outside the home seems too overwhelming while trying to raise a child, but consider a home Internet business.

Yes, you will still have much to manage, but some of the stressful factors can be taken out of the equation if you work at home.

Each mom (or mom-to-be) can have a different scenario.

Some moms know just what they want; the pregnancy was planned and carried out beautifully. Now they know just how to handle their work load and baby and manage it all perfectly.

Others may choose not to work and are fortunate that other circumstances allow them that. For some moms-to-be, perhaps the pregnancy was a surprise and now they need to figure out what now.

Some may even be looking for pertinent information as they ask the question, “Should I keep my baby?” It is possible to work and raise a child, and maybe working at home is the answer.

About half of the small companies in the U.S. operate as home based companies. Many of these are run by moms. And there’s no reason you can’t get in on this, too.

Advantages of working at home based Internet business as a mom:

• You can create your own schedule – You can work when it suits you best -when your baby is sleeping, late at night, or in between laundry cycles. The beauty is you can set your own hours.
• You work at home – If you don’t have time for a shower, you’re okay. If you don’t have the right clothes, you’re okay. Working at a home based business provides you the luxury of working without dressing the part.
• You get what you put into it – Whether this is going to be fun money or a substantial part of your income, you will reap what you put into it. The more hours you spend working, the more you’ll get in income. The position can possibly grow as your child does and more time frees up.

Challenges of working at home based Internet business as a mom:

• Your hours aren’t all your own. The best laid plans may not always come to fruition. You may be all set to work, and then your baby needs you. Remember that as a mom, whether you work in an office or home, your kids may need you and work may have to be put on a hold for a bit. But with dedication and motivation, you can pull this off.
• You have a lack of adult interaction. Many people like this aspect, others miss the adult interaction that you don’t get working at home. Try to find some other outlets if this important to you, like a book club or exercise group.
• Home mixes with work. This is tough to separate sometimes, but by staying organized, you can keep work separate from the home stuff.

Working from home is an excellent way for moms to have a good income.

Whether it’s freelance writing, a virtual assistant or eBay seller, you can find some ways to bring in money via the Internet. The keys are to stay motivated, dedicated and organized.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is a mom and freelance writer who focuses on small business, social media and mindful living.

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