Running Your Home Business When a New One Comes Along

Having a home Internet business is ideal.

You can work around other things, you don’t have to dress professionally and no commute. It’s also a great business to have when starting a family.

From the time you’re pregnant to the time your kids go to college, a home Internet business is ideal.

Sure you may have some stumbling blocks, but it can be a great source of income an allow you to parent just the way you want.

Putting Modifications in Place

As you are planning your pregnancy, your delivery, and your family, you can work around and modify your home business.

Think about how you want things to work … here are some questions to ask:

• As the following article looks at, what are 5 important delivery day decisions to make? Will you close up for a few weeks before and after the baby is born? How long will you be in the hospital if all goes as planned? What kind of delivery are you having? Who will be with you? Can someone else run the business while you are out?

• What will childcare be like? Will you be the sole caregiver and run your business? Will you need to hire help – either for the baby or your business? How will you manage when the baby or other children are sick or have appointments – can you leave the business unattended? Will you use out of home daycare?

• What are your income goals? Will your income goals change after the baby? Will you be okay with making less money if you have to hire someone or cut back your hours and work load? Can you still work the same amount and not see an income change? What are your future goals for the income from your small business?

Conveniences of Working from Home

So many questions come with having a family. But again, working at home is a great way to be a parent and work at the same time.

If you need to run to school to get a sick child, it’s probably fairly easy and noninvasive. If your home is close to the school, it makes it even easier. You can work around your child’s schedule, maybe even squeeze in a nap when your baby naps.

The challenge is to remain focused and organized. Though you’ll have a new child to care for, don’t let the business end slide.

Staying organized and in as best of a routine as you can will help. If you have to have meetings or be on conference calls, try to schedule them when you can have help with your family.

Have Goals in Place

Set realistic goals, too.

Know what is best for you and your family and go from there.

No one has superpowers, and it can be stressful and unrealistic to try to do it all, even when you are fortunate to work from home.

Please share any great tips you have for working at home and being a parent (and maybe some things that haven’t gone so well!).

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About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer who works at home and is a mom. She focuses on topics such as social media, small business and working from home.

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