Six Tips For Finding Your Perfect Career

Moving Up In Your Career- How to Expand Your QualificationsThere are a variety of strategies that you can utilize in order to land that next big job. Although we still live in some uncertain economic times, there are still bountiful career opportunities in the marketplace for all skilled professionals. Here is a comprehensive list of six ways of how to find your perfect career.


Job Search Engines

Long gone are the days of using the classified sections of newspapers in order to find jobs. It is without a doubt that most people are using job search boards and engineers like Monster, CareerBuilder and in order to find career opportunities. These sites allow individuals to post resumes, create job search alerts, research salaries, and look at trends of relevant job postings for particular careers. Employers can also use these sites to search resume databases, giving you as a job seeker instant access to recruiters.



Believe it or not, many job opportunities are never posted on job boards. The old saying, “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” rings a lot of truth, especially in an increasingly competitive job market. Work on building up your preexisting professional network by going to industry events, volunteering, and being involved in civic associations. Sometimes, doing pro-bono and freelance work allows you to demonstrate your skill set to audience outside of the cubicle.



Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are another great way to get the perfect career you’ve been wanting. Staffing agencies are constantly in contact with recruiters and are literally working tirelessly to get you a job. If they can’t find you a job, they can’t get paid by the employer who is looking to fulfill a job vacancy. Staffing Agencies Columbus Ohio should be able to assist you finding your dream job.


Social Media

Everyone is using some form of social media nowadays to not only keep up with family and friends, but to also look for career opportunities as well. Linkedin has been a very popular social media outlet designed specifically for professional networking. This should be used in conjunction with networking.


Career Fairs

There are job fairs happening all the time. Unfortunately, some of the companies hosting these events do a poor job of marketing. Constantly research the internet to see if there are any job fairs being hosted in your city. This is an excellent meet prospective employers and hand a resume personally to a HR recruiter.


Get involved in the Community

Volunteering in any capacity within your local community is also a good way to put your name out there and market your resume to a variety of people. This is especially important if you work in a very small industry that seems very hard to penetrate. Many companies have programs set up to allow workers to volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations. This is a good way to meet other professionals who might assist you with finding that perfect career.


In the end, there are many more ways you can use to land your dream job. However, these six tips seem to be the most prevailing and popular ways that people use in order to find the perfect career.

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