Stay Connected: How Important is Communication for Your Business?

As many sales people know, constant, but not too frequent communication with your customers is the best way to keep and grow the number of people that are active customers and supporters of your business. The key is to understand specifically how much communication and what type of communication is appreciated, tolerated, or annoying to your customer base. Fortunately, there are quite a few tools that are built around communication norms that can be applied to your business and please almost all of your customers.

Here are some examples of tools that can help you successfully communicate with clients:

Business Communication

Email Lists and Communication Avenues via MailChimp

Mailchimp is a great way to find out just what your customers think of your communication strategy. You designate a style of communication and a reason for communicating and then when your customers visit your website, they are asked if they would like to join a mailing list that covers precisely what you intend to communicate. The beauty is that once they opt-in, you can keep them up-to-date without any concern about them not understanding how frequently you intended to communicate with them because they already know. Mailchimp lends itself well to A/B testing, which is where you would put competing communication strategies on your website and split your traffic for a period of time, and then choose the communication strategy that proved to be the most popular for all of your future traffic.


Patient and Customer Management Software from

Solutionreach is a company that has taken a real world communication approach to an area that was never really well explored in the past- the doctor-patient relationship. For many doctors and patients, there wasn’t much experience understanding the impact that a program of constant communication could have on an ongoing relationship. As the company states, with over 50 percent turnover in many clinics in a 5 year space of time, the level of communication with patients could certainly stand to be improved. What clinics have found after implementing Solutionreach patient relationship management software, which helps build and maintain a relationship based on relevant medical information via social notifications that are pushed to the patient from the clinic, is that turnover rates decrease.


Stay With the Times on Social Media: Twitter

Twitter has rapidly become the way for companies to use a key point of contact to disseminate information to clients and media regarding their products, services, and community involvement. Some of the most important components to having an effective Twitter presence include: having enough time, and choosing people that are talented at getting your message out. It isn’t a mistake to have your CEO be the one to push most information out to the public, but you need to make certain that they have the time to do so or that their account is curated by someone who does. You will also find large companies allowing their employees to use Twitter to put information out under their own names. This type of strategy is much like people encountered on the television show, The Office, where Jim would have been a better spokesperson for corporate communication than Michael.


Overall, effective communication is very important for business. Using tools that help you to build upon established norms or survey and create your own have shown themselves to be an effective use of your budget to strengthen your ties to your clients and fans.

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