The Business of Teaching from Home


As more traditional schools offer online courses and new online schools are created, more teachers are finding an exciting career path that allows them to do what they love from the comfort of home.

In addition, many experts are turning to educating others by developing their own online courses and website to create a lucrative career that offers flexibility and job satisfaction.

While this may sound like the dream job, it has its own set of challenges.

Teachers must learn how to create courses and teach students that they never see in person.

They may also have to learn how to combine online courses with classroom study to effectively prepare students for life after the class. This can be challenging for first-time online teachers.

Growth of Online Teaching Careers

Online classes aren’t just for colleges and universities. Teachers that want to work from home can find many job opportunities.

As more businesses and organizations hire online staff, this career area will continue to grow.

Traditional colleges recognize this fact and are preparing to deal with it by adding more online courses to their curriculum.

In fact, one study from Babson Survey Research Group showed that approximately 65% of schools recognize the importance of developing their online programs.

Businesses are seeking to provide ongoing training for current and new employees to keep them abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

In addition, Pre-K through high school is another area that is growing in online learning. Students in elementary and high school are using online learning in conjunction with classroom education.

Education Requirements and Skills

Many schools have the same requirements for online teachers as they do for traditional educators. Others look for special certification in online teaching.

Employers may also hire educators to create and manage online courses for employees. They may want to see that teachers have the ability to create online courses and possess the technical skills needed in a virtual classroom.

Teachers who want to transition to the online classroom should understand how to design and manage online curriculum. They should understand copyright issues and how to utilize multimedia.

Online teachers must understand the importance of developing effective curriculum that engages and educates the students. It is often more complex than curriculum designed for a traditional classroom.

As the article, “How Instructors Create Engaging Online Courses” says, it is important for the teacher and students to meet in a virtual classroom just like in a traditional setting. Continual interaction is imperative to a student’s education, so the teacher must be available for discussions and questions.

Online courses often have more requirements than traditional classes. It may be more rigid, and it may be more detailed.

Educators and experts in certain fields who want to get involved in online teaching must develop the needed skills and show that they are prepared for the differences between the traditional classroom setting and the new online learning environment.

Those who are best prepared will find a satisfying career with the flexibility and opportunities they are looking for.

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About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including education and small business.

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