Top 3 Online Career Opportunities

In the emerging information age and the continuously struggling economy, more jobs are being sourced online than ever before. In this constant migration of expertise into the virtual marketplace, employers are focusing more closely on results and less strictly on education and background. Entrepreneurs and self-educated experts have an unmatched opportunity to put their skills to work in an environment that will reward their creativity and ingenuity without a glance at the diploma credentials that may or may not hang in the background over their desk. In a world where information moves at the speed of light and customer trends come in fits and eddies, the self-starter with his finger on the pulse of the internet may find a virtual gold mine in one of these jobs.


Software Installation Technician


This job requires some very specific education and certification outside of the classroom. Training for the most popular commercial software packages is being offered to anyone willing to apply. It seldom makes sense for businesses to dedicate a single employee’s time and energy into the continuing education and constant updating needed to stay abreast of industry software trends. A dedicated entrepreneur willing to pursue continuing certifications can find a bottomless well of employment opportunities.


Drupal Developer


Open source software has taken the internet by storm. Professional applications for this versatile content management platform are virtually endless, and the software as a whole enjoys popular support from a vocal community. The intelligent self-starter with a vision for creative application can find himself tapping the resources of a massive online community in developing marketable, professional applications. No formal training exists for this powerful software giant, but that hasn’t stopped businesses from demanding its use. Application development is a field with no end in sight, and the Drupal developer is positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.


Social Network Marketing


Perhaps no phenomenon typifies the internet in quite the same way as the rise of social networks. These loose-knit communities started out as bulletin boards and chat rooms, places for people who shared a common interest to trade witty comments and generally socialize. It’s well known that personal endorsement from a trusted source is the most powerful and effective form of advertising. It was likely inevitable that subject-based social gathering places would turn into massive marketing machines. No formal training can substitute for a voice that establishes a reputation, builds trust, and turns making virtual contacts into a real, paying job.

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