Top Ways to Promote My New Home Business


Getting started in a new small business from home takes many things – courage, determination, an eye for detail, and some serious promotion.

While you may be inclined to spend your budget on expensive advertising, there are many things you can do that will have a much farther appeal and can be done without breaking the bank.

Here are some easy ways to promote your new home business, and do it on the cheap:

Press Releases
Press Releases may seem not to be a benefit, but regularly using them to announce new services or products, or draw attention to events, can help get your business name on to the web in many locations. You want to get your name out in every way possible, so this is a great promotion technique. Many online free press release sites, like PRWeb, can take your copy and put it on the web.

Social Media
As soon as you know what your business is going to be, from brand to logo, you want to get on as many social media sites as you know you’ll be able to monitor on a regular basis. For sure, you want to be on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can use this to get followers and to help promote your sales and your products. It is great for instant gratification on what your customers think of your business and your ideas. Always keep your social media sites for your business separate from the ones for your person.

Have a Company Blog
What you may not realize is how well a company blog can help your business. With great content, regularly submitted, with links going back to your social media sites and other articles about your business online, you can help propel your business high in your company’s keywords. Better online presence can help browsers find you easier and quicker, relating into more leads and possibly sales.

Make Your Website Ecommerce Friendly
While you shouldn’t discount the value of a static website that lists your hours, your directions and your phone/contact information, having a website that incorporates a blog and ecommerce shopping can open your business to 24/7 sales. Shopping online has exploded in recent years, as people become more and more busy. Having your business tapped into this market can give you more sales on a regular basis.

No matter how you decide to promote your startup home business, you’ll need to remember to do it periodically.

A blast of promotion and then months of silence will never do as well as a constant stream of subtle promo work.

Online or offline, there are many marketing tools available for the savvy start up.

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