Where is Your Social Media Game At?


If you don’t know it already, you’re probably in the process learning the importance of social media to your home Internet business, whatever your business may be – from cupcake bakeries to facilities management.

It has become a must to be active on social media, and whether it’s you running the social media part of your business among a million other things, or you’ve hired someone to manage social media, someone’s got to be doing it.

Not only does it get information about your business like specials and promos or hours and locations out to your public, it lets your customers have a feel for your culture and what you represent.

But here’s a question – there are so many social media platforms, which should you be on?

Sort Out the Winners and Losers

Each social media site has a bit of a different feel, a different demographic/marketing base. Each one reaches out to a different set of people, and you’ll need to play that up.

Part of your responsibility is finding which sites reach out best to your client base.

As the article, “Which social media sites should you really be on?” looks at, do your research before blindly going at it.

Among the sites to look at:

• Facebook – Probably, most definitely, yes. Facebook has almost 1.5 billion users who check it almost daily. With a pretty good age range of consumers, every business should probably have a Facebook page. Facebook also encompasses it all, photos, updates, messages, engagement, video and text without photos.

• Instagram – For the younger client base, this one is a must. You can reach out to a younger demographic and keep it in-line with your Facebook page. Some businesses like to return a follow; some keep it to no follows, only followers. That’s up to you; but whatever the case, definitely make sure you engage and respond to comments and questions.

• Twitter – Twitter is easy to use and sends out real time information on your business. You can link to video or include a pic, but mostly it’s great for short updates, promos or other short blurbs you want your customers to see. It’s also great for engaging and sharing relevant information.

Some lesser known sites:

• Tagged – A site where you can check out profiles, play games and share information and tags. You can link it to other social media, like Facebook or Google+.

• Yelp – Yes, this is a site where people give reviews on businesses, but you can also set up a profile here. This way you can have some say so and include what you want about your business. You can also respond to reviews, good or bad, and this can be a big plus to a business.

Social media is huge for marketing with your home Internet business, adding value and engaging with customers.

Yes, hit up the big names, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, but don’t forget the little guys, and maybe even find some niche social media sites pertaining just to your field.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to social media, small business and working from home.

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