Why Social Networking Truly Does Matter


Social networking isn’t just for teenage kids.

It’s a great tool to promote any business, and those in home Internet businesses shouldn’t overlook this important aspect of gaining attention.

Many larger companies hire social media directors, but if you’ve got a small home internet business, you can take on this role as well. Social media and networking can be a fun part of your job, and it can bring in big business.

Let’s take a look as the article “how mastering social media can turn into a career” shows and at some of the sites beyond Facebook and Twitter you should focus on.

Keys to Mastering Social Media

Don’t be shy – Be bold in your posts and keep them coming. A regular, consistent presence is what your followers want (without overwhelming them). When you have something to shout about, do it. Also, even when you don’t have something big to share, find something small to put out on social media. It could be a shout out to another company, a photo of your dog or an inspirational quote. If you stay away from social media too long, you can lose some of your followers.
Tie it to your business – Yes, a photo of your dog is adorable every so often, but even better would be your dog wearing your company’s logo t-shirt. If you can promote yourself through social media, like offering discounts when followers post pics of themselves in your apparel or at your shop, you’ll see the traffic flow improve.
Interact – Ask questions, start conversations, show interest in your customers, followers, fans. When someone posts something to your sites, respond. Social media is an excellent platform for interaction and conversation.
Follow back – No matter the site, if someone follows your professional pages back, follow them, too.

What Social Media Sites Should I Use?

Among the social sites to zero in on for your home internet business:

Instagram – With Instagram, you can post frequently and quickly. A photo can tell a captivating story;
LinkedIn – You’ll connect with other businesses similar to yours, and you can all help one another.
Pinterest – This one is especially good for anything visually appealing, think beyond just products. If you are an interior designer, you can showcase your clients’ spaces; if you plan parties, you can post pics of your work; if you’re a personal trainer, post workouts.
YouTube – YouTube is a great format for any type of small business. You can showcase customers using your products, you yourself can offer advice and how-to’s. You’ll be surprised at how useful it can be.
• Of course, you’ve got Facebook, Google+, Twitter … these are the biggies and you should be connected on these, too. There are just plenty of other places to be, too.

Good luck!

Get out there on your social media and while you’re sharing, let us know any great social media tips you may have!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer in Atlanta who focuses on small business, social media and mindful living.

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