Why Use the Domain.com Website Builder – Benefits and Drawbacks

Do you want your own website? Can you use a laptop? Then you can easily make your own site. One of the benefits of using the Domain.com website builder is that you don’t have to know how to code. In the past, anyone who wanted to create a functional and attractive website had to spend a great deal of time and energy learning a coding language. At the time, the only other alternative was to use a professional website design and development company.

Today, this is no longer the case when it comes to creating a small website. With the right website builder, such as the one from Domain.com, you should be able to make your own website even without any coding knowledge. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Domain.com Website Builder to build a site (vs. hiring a web designer to create a custom site or using template platforms like WordPress)


Benefits of using a website builder

No coding skills needed. With a website builder, you can easily create a simple website. You just use a drag and drop tool to bring in the webpages together.

Can be done in minutes. After logging into your Domain.com account, all you need to do is choose a theme and customize it to create a website that looks like what you want.

Professional-looking. With the developments in website builders, you now have the ability to do your own website and make it look like it has been designed by a professional web designer.

Low cost option. If you create your site using a website builder you do not have to fork out big money. In fact, most web services providers only charge a small monthly fee.


Drawbacks of using a website builder

Limited customization. Most drag-and-drop website builders are not customizable compared to open source tools.

Poor choice of available designs and templates. If you choose a website builder for your website you will have a limited number of templates to choose from. This is especially in comparison to sites made using a platform like Joomla or WordPress.

Limited control. The website would have to be hosted by the shared hosting server that came with the website builder. This means that you won’t get full control over the website and you cannot move your site to another host.

Slow speed. Since your website will be hosted in a shared hosting environment it may not load as fast as similar sites hosted in dedicated hosting and or VPS servers.

No backup. You won’t get website backups. If anything goes wrong you may lose your site since there is no backup service.

Website Builder Costs

Nevertheless, the Website Builder at Domain.com is an excellent option for anyone without a big budget. For instance, you’d need to pay more than $250 a month to a website design and development company but Domain.com charges $11.95 per month for full access to their Website Builder. At the moment, they also have a deal that will cut down this charge to $6.75. This also includes a domain name and webhosting.

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