Your Home Business Needs an App


When you run your own home business you need all the help you can get.

You may be mobile a lot of the time, keeping your iPad or other tablet in tow, and one of your biggest allies out there can be the world of Apps.

Choosing the right ones for productivity, efficiency, accountability can be key to making your home business as successful as it can be.

Take a look at the following and see what you think … You may just be making an app purchase soon, or maybe even something more exciting – read on!

As the article “4 ways to make money with apps” shows, the advantage of using them includes…

1. Efficiency – Time is money and the more efficient you can be, the better your time will be spent. Here are some of the highly rated efficiency apps:

• Evernote – You can store documents, notes, photos and categorize them so they’ll always be accessible at your fingertips.
• LastPass – This is a password manager app so no more wasting time on resetting passwords. Great for home or work, it can also help prevent hackers by creating stronger passwords for your weak ones.
• Dragon Dictation – Great for dictation, it’s a must have for staying efficient with note taking.
• Due – This app won’t let you forget anything, from simple reminders to errands to meetings.

2. Accounting – You’re the one in charge of the money; you want to keep it straight, and apps can be a big help in this area. Check these out:

• Xero – It’s a simple, user friendly app to keep your finances in a basic, easy to see way. You can also see reports on accounts and receive statistical analysis.
• FreeAgent – Great for freelancers who have different clients and projects. This app is geared more towards individuals with specific needs than small businesses.
• Quickbooks – Most everyone is at least familiar with Quickbooks, and most people are pretty adept at it. With its cloud based uses, you can keep good records of everything you do financially.

3. Productivity – Productivity and efficiency often go hand in hand, but these apps will help a bit more on the productive side, helping you get things done:

• Docusign – Signing documents on the go can be tricky if you don’t have a mobile app, you either need the document or a printer. Docusign lets you have documents signed and verified wherever you are.
• Dropbox – Used by many, Dropbox is a great mobile app for file sharing. You can share, sync and access documents with clients and other devices.
• Producteev – Simple to use, this task manager app helps manage to-dos, integrates your email and offers consistent real time updates on projects.

4. What about your own business app?

Last but not least, think about having your own app.

Whether you develop it yourself or have someone else do it, it’s getting to be almost as important as a website.

You can use it for promoting your business, offering updates and enhancing communication, and a place where your customers can place orders or see merchandise. Easier to see and get to on a mobile device than a website, your customers will thank you.

Think of it as another money-making source, either by bringing more customers in, customer convenience or partnering with advertisers and other businesses.

Whether you want to use apps yourself to enhance your productivity and accounting to help your business or you want to create your own business app for others to use, businesses need apps.

A business without a website is behind the times these days, and soon enough one without apps will be in the dark ages, too.

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About the Author: Heather Legg is a writer covering topics on small business, social media and education.

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