Choose What to Sell

Florist in shop with computer and phoneThe first step to starting a home internet business is deciding which product or service to promote. If you already have expertise or interest in an area, you may want to go with this. In general, products that cost more (cars, mortgages, legal services, etc) will generate more income for you, but there will also be more competition from other website owners and thus, it will cost you more money and time to effectively promote your own website. Conversely, lower cost products and services will not generate as much money, but it will be easier to rise higher in the search engine results and dominate your niche. The objective for most website owners, therefore, is to strike a balance between product cost and effort. Another tactic in choosing a product or service to promote is to choose a highly specialized niche (specific model of car, clothing, etc).

There are numerous online tools that are available to help you choose a product or service to target. WordTracker is definitely one of the best keyword discovery tools. However you choose a product or service to promote, take your time and be comfortable with what you choose. But don’t wait too long, because nothing will teach you about creating a successful home internet business like experience. If you enjoy the process as much as I do, you’ll create many internet businesses in the years to come.

Choosing a Product or Service to Promote

You will want to determine which types of products you want to promote. In the online world of Internet marketing this is referred to as niche marketing. Niches can be on just about any topic from business, to health and fitness, marketing, family and home, fun and entertainment and the lists goes on and on. There are literally thousands of great niches within each of the broader niches.

I recommend choosing a niche that you already have an interest in. It is very difficult to promote a product if you do not have passion about it. It should be something you have a great interest in and that you already know about. You can choose products to promote that you know nothing about but you will need to educate yourself about the products.

Once you have chosen a niche you have an interest in you much chose a product within that niche to promote. The best affiliate products to promote are the ones you have personally tried and found beneficial to yourself. It is much easier to sell something you yourself are sold on. Your customers will appreciate it so much more if they can hear about your personal experience with the product. Let your customers know what they can expect and how the product will personally benefit them.

In choosing a worthwhile niche you need to do the market research to see if those products are in demand. There are a variety of tools available to show you how many people are looking for the product or service you’re considering promoting. Google has a great keyword tool for this purpose. Enter the main keyword that describes the product you want to promote. You will see an approximate search volume for that keyword for people using Google for that month. You can see just how many people are searching for that type of product as well as how much advertiser competition there is for the keyword.

Choosing a Product or Service to Promote on Your Website

So, how do you make a final decision on choosing a product or service to promote?

  1. Start with products you are already familiar with, that you have actually purchased yourself, and that you were happy with buying.
  2. Next, do some keyword research using the Google keyword tool site. Make sure the keyword someone would use to search for your product has a decent search volume – at least 200 per month. More is better, but remember, more keyword volume is likely to attract more competition, so choose a balance between search volume and competition.
  3. Finally, confirm that there is a merchant selling this product or service that offers an affiliate program. You can go to the following top affiliate program sites to search for a merchant selling what you want to promote.

    You can also perform a Google search for “-your product- + affiliate” to find merchants that have an affiliate program but are not a part of one of these networks.

After you’ve chosen a product or service to promote, the next step is to create a website to promote you product or service.