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Best of the Web (BOTW) has been a web directory since 1994. Links from BOTW are considered very high quality by Google and and can significantly improve your search rank results. Directory listings are a bit expensive ($149 per year or $200 one-time) but most all webmasters agree that the expense is well worth it.

Best of the Web Directory Promo Code

Listing a business or website in directories have become much more popular over the last decade. With so many fly-by-night directories, many directories no longer hold any value. However, many directories that required a paid submission have been able to hold their value. One such directory is known as “Best of the Web” and has been around since 1994. Here is a quick overview of what this directory is and what it has to offer.

A Quick History of the Internet’s Oldest Directory

Best of the Web claims to be one of the oldest online directories as it was first introduced in 1994. It was started by Brandon Plewe when he was only a student at the State University of New York, Buffalo. It generates a majority of its listing via word of mouth advertising and has become increasingly popular as many other directories have become full of spam submissions, thus lower the value and making it harder to stand out.

Can You List Your Website in the Best of Web Directory?

There are a number of standards that your website must adhere to in order to be listed within this directory. Here is a look at some of the most important.

• Your website must be up and running 24-7
• Your website can only be listed in the directory once
• Your website must contain unique content – This will be determined by an editor at BOTW
• There cannot be any sections that are “under construction”
• The website cannot be a blog
• The website must be in the English language

In order to get your website listed within the directory, your website must be reviewed by a Best of the Web editor. In order to support this process, every website must pay either a yearly review fee of $149.95 or a one-time fee of $299.95. It is important to state that by paying for the review service, your website is not guaranteed to be accepted and listed in the directory.

Are There Any Other Advertising Opportunities Available?

One of the most popular advertising features that the Best of the Web directory offers is the “BOTW Category Sponsorship Program”. Whenever you sponsor a category, your sponsorship will be displayed at the top of the relevant directory category of your choice as well as alongside the “Best of the Web Directory Local Search” results. Currently, sponsoring a category comes at a cost of $49.95 a month, however the first month is free. This has become a popular choice for many webmasters because there are only 3 ad spots available per category.

Best of the Web Directory In Review

The Best of Web Directory has continued to be a popular advertising option as well as a great way to gain target traffic, while increasing overall website visibility. While it comes at a cost of $150 per year or a one time payment of $300, this expense continues to ensure only sites that are reputable. There are additional advertising opportunities as well, the most popular being the category sponsorship program.

Be sure to use the Best of the Web promo code listed above to save on the cost of directory submission.

Visit Best of the Web today to learn more and list your website.

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