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Start reaching millions of business buyers online by marketing your product or service online. Select from over 65,000 categories to place your listing. Jumpstart your search marketing program today with a Directory listing. offers a multi-category paid inclusion business directory. With a home page resembling a portal, the directory includes a large array of product and service providers. At $299 per year, the directory offers a fantastically affordable and effective means of business advertising. And with the promo code, becomes an even better deal for any size marketing budget.

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What is All About? has been around since 1999 and is a search engine that has been designed to advertise businesses only. As a search engine, it is set up with a directory-style format and was designed to carter towards business and not everyday customers. After spending only a few moments on the website, the designs make this fact obvious. Here is a quick review of what offers and promo codes as well as some general pros and cons.

Review of Services

There are three different ways that you can advertise with The first is by simply getting listed in their directory. You can get your business listed in any category that you want for $299 per year. You can also add your listing to additional sub-categories as well. Your listing will look similar to a Google search results page. It will list your company name, description, and destination URL. Be sure to use a promo code (listed above) to reduce the cost of listing.

You can also take advantage of their banner advertising. This service is that latest service that is offered at Your banner will be displayed in whatever category you choose to sponsor. There are 16 different channels to choose from including: technology, finance, sales & marketing, and internet. To get specific price information and additional details, you must contact them directly.

The final service that they offer is the PPC service. Your ads will not only be on their website, but also their Advertising Network, which includes sites like the Financial Times and Hoovers. There are three different types of paid advertising options: Premium, Sidebar, and Standard Inclusion. Premium placement ads are separated and labeled as “Featured Listings”. The lowest cost per click for these placements are 40 cents, with no startup costs. Next are “Sponsored Listings”, which are the sidebar listings. The minimum cost per click is 20 cents and there is a minimum startup fee of $25. Finally, there are “Standard Listings”, which are $99 per year. These ads are included within the natural search results.

Some Pros of

1. has an excellent editorial staff that will look over all of your submissions. While they have a bunch of rules that must be followed, they are all designed to maximize your conversions by ensuring that they are both clear and concise.
2. It has become well known as a great tool for business to business advertisements It has continued to build a growing base of affiliated websites, which leads to increased exposure on a consistent basis.

Some Cons of to Keep in Mind

1. Every single listing on the website is a paid listing, which means that every results is in competition with every other search result. It also means that users may click on your ads, which costs you money, while they are searching for content.
2. At one point in time, click fraud was a hot topic surrounding, however they seem to have gotten it under control. However, it still should be something to keep in mind. It also means that you need to closely monitor your ads.

Hopefully this review of has helped you understand what is all about. As well as given you a good idea about what advertising options are available to you.

Be sure to use the promo code listed above to make your listing more affordable.

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