Create a Website

overhead view of startup deskThe ability to create a website for your home business has become very simple in the last few years. It used to be a very technical process involving computer programming, transferring files, and image manipulation. Now newer software, much of it available online, allows you to create great looking websites using professionally prepared templates, images, and website applications. You can still create a website the old, hand-coded way, but the time and effort that modern software saves you is well worth the small fee that website creation services charge. Wix is one of the very best services available. For a complete list of web builders see this page.

How Website Builders Work:

  1. Choose a Design – Pick from thousands of designs created for hundreds of industries. Get a complete, ready-to-use template with images and industry-specific text.
  2. Customize It – You can use your own images or use their free library of thousands of images. Add your own logo or just type in your business name. Easily edit text, colors, images, fonts, and links.
  3. Publish It – Hosting is included with the service, so no need to pay for server space. Your own personalized domain name and email address are also included. Make changes to your site anytime.


What to Put on Your Website:

This is where your creativity and passion come into play. You have to write content that explains, defines, or summarizes your chosen topic. Doing a bit of internet research on your topic should help greatly. You can also hire a writer to create some content if necessary. Do whatever it takes, but put something on your site that you think will help others in some way: create a table allowing customers to compare prices and features of various products or services, write in great detail about why certain features of a product are a must-have, explain exactly why you bought one product over another one, etc. Think about it this way – create the website that you wish you could have seen before you chose a product or service. What sort of information, and in what format would you have liked to see it? Maybe all the information you needed was available at the time, but it was on several different websites and not easy to utilize.

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