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aweber reviewsThe point of email marketing is simple. You are trying to get into contact with as many prospects as possible in the hope that some of them turn into customers. The affordability and effectiveness of email marketing is not in doubt which is why there are a proliferation of services offering a range of features to make your campaign as simple and successful as possible. AWeber is one of these email marketing services and they offer features such as autoresponder and email sign up forms that look professional. To date, more than 100,000 customers utilize the services of AWeber.

What Is AWeber All About?
With AWeber, you are able to send multiple lists and as many emails as you wish. Their autoresponders are very easy to use and enable you to create automated emails which can then be sent to your potential customers. There are more than 150 templates. These are easy to customize. You can avail of the many color schemes and specific areas where you can place your logo.

As far as pricing goes, you can sign up for their basic package for $19 a month with the first month costing only $1. This allows you up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. As is often the case with email marketing services, the price rises steeply for companies looking for a high number of subscribers. It costs up to $130 a month for a maximum of 25,000 subscribers. You need to contact the company for a quote if you intend on utilizing more subscribers.

The extra pricing plans are a bonus. You can pay $194 once a year for the basic package, saving you $34. If you’re on a monthly plan, there is no contract beyond this. If you are not happy with AWeber, you can use their 30 day money back guarantee.

Having the ability to send unlimited emails regardless of your package is a major plus point. Customers have so far reported that AWeber’s reliability is first class with very few bounced emails. You are able to track the exact links in your newsletters which get clicked, test multiple versions of newsletters and even find out what time of the day your subscribers open the emails you send them. The live video seminars which help newcomers come to terms with email marketing is another top notch touch.

One downside to AWeber is the fact you can’t change the confirmation page. By default, once a subscriber clicks on the conformation page, they will be directed to AWeber’s site.

Besides this minor problem which is a feature of most email marketing services anyway, AWeber deserves its reputation as being one of the very best services of its type on the market. The basic package is relatively cheap and pays its way with the unlimited emails feature. If you’re a small business looking to slowly claw your way up, AWeber may well be the best email marketing service to achieve this with. You can send emails to your heart’s desire. Once you go beyond 500 subscribers, you can get a new package which will grow as your business takes off.

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  1. I used to use icontact but i recently switched to aweber. aweber offers a simpler, more intuitive user interface. The forms are easier to make and put on your website, too. I’m glad I switched.

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