MailChimp Review

mailchimp reviewsMailChimp is an email marketing service that has an emphasis on simplicity and fun. Unlike its rivals, MailChimp attempts to be jovial as it helps your business launch a killer email marketing campaign. The company is comprised of more than 100 designers and developers as well as other experts in the field of email marketing. The fun nature of MailChimp is shown on their website where they have an entire page dedicated to the practical jokes played by members of staff.

What Is MailChimp All About?
If you are new to email marketing, there is a danger that you’ll be put off by services which look professional but bland. There are no issues with MailChimp in that regard. Their interface is filled with useful features but is also colorful and vibrant. It’s an email marketing service that is simplicity itself. You can preview your email marketing campaign in numerous mail clients such as Hotmail with MailChimp’s spam checker. This service also has the standard WYSIWYG editor which is a feature of all companies dedicated to improving ease of use.

When it comes to pricing, you can avail of Mail Chimp’s ‘Forever Free’ plan which allows you to send up to 12,000 emails a month and store a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. Forever Free does have a lot of useful features such as Delivery Doctor, Design Genius and Translation but it’s missing items such as Time Warp (allows you to program your emails to be sent at any time) and Inbox Inspector (enables you to check the email design on all email clients) which are features of their paid plans. After the Forever Free option, there are options to pay $10 a month all the way up to $240 a month. The most expensive package gives you an unlimited send limit of up to 50,000 subscribers. There are also new options for frequent email senders with the most exclusive package costing a whopping $12,903 a month, allowing you up to 3.1 million subscribers.

MailChimp is remarkably easy to use. The whole service is a joy to work with as it puts color into what can be a dull procedure. There are a horde of professional quality templates that can be used and the adding and importing of clients is child’s play. The option which enables you to track click-throughs and emails bounced and sent is worth its weight in gold. The email support team respond to queries rapidly and efficiently with live chat assistance.

Unfortunately, MailChimp has no phone support which is a shame. The pricing plans seem excessive with the most expensive plan only suitable for extremely large businesses. The idea of paying more than $150,000 a year for email marketing kind of goes against one of the key advantages of email marketing: Affordability.

Despite the unusual price structure, there are affordable plans for everyone with the Forever Free option a welcome addition. You can sign up for their free plan to see if MailChimp is the right email marketing service for you. If you enjoy colorful presentation, quick customer support and an easy to use interface, MailChimp will suffice.

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