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elance reviewsElance is yet another one of those freelance sites that claims to offer the best employers, projects and payment on the web. Elance has been operational since 1999 with the company based in California. Like all other sites of its kind, Elance operates by allowing employers to post projects online and invite bids from interested parties. The site claims that employers will find their services more fruitful than job boards and it guarantees contractors the opportunity of working for legitimate organizations.

It is claimed that there are more than 100,000 employees for companies to choose from on Elance. If you are a company looking to do business on Elance, you will have to verify your credit card as a means of payment first and foremost. Second of all, expect to pay a $10 fee to post any job. After completing these steps, you are welcomed to the world of Elance where you can hire employees for a range of services including engineering, sales & marketing, writing and web & programming.

What Is Elance.com All About?
For freelance workers, Elance provides a golden opportunity to add a second income source or to cast aside the shackles of a ‘normal’ job. Employees can choose to be paid for hourly work or via a fixed price rate. There is an Escrow feature which involves the employers paying the cash to the site up front. It will be released to the client when the work is completed. There are four plans in total:

  • Basic: Free (allows 10 monthly proposals)
  • Individual: $10 a month (allows 25 monthly proposals)
  • Small Business: $20 a month (allows 40 monthly proposals)
  • Large Business: $40 a month (allows 60 monthly proposals)

The more you pay, the more features you receive but all packages offer guaranteed payment. Elance charges a service fee of 6.75-8.75% for employees on payment they receive.

The different amount of packages is an excellent feature and caters to employees with different expectations. In general, employers on Elance pay a good rate and do not discriminate against an prospective employee because they are on a Basic package. The site guarantees your payment which is a welcome relief and there are a limitless number of jobs on offer.

Despite the amount of jobs on offer, the sheer size of Elance means that competition is intense. There is always the chance that you will come up against employers who only want American employees for example. Also, you cannot claim discrimination because there is no real way of knowing why you were not hired for a job. It would benefit employees to have this information because they could improve their proposal based on this knowledge next time around.

If you are talented and are willing to put 100% into Elance, it is a site that will reward you in time. You will need to be patient because of the level of competition but the site does pay particularly well for the most part when you do get employed. For employers, the $10 per job charge is not much of a deterrent, especially when they can receive value for money on the site. Overall, Elance is a site that benefits both parties but is not for the casual freelancer.

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